Monday, February 04, 2013

PITY THE FLY: Introducing the Bug-A-Salt Weapon

Hush, child: no one tell Dianne Feinstein about this glorious weapon, which the inventor calls "The World’s Very First Insect Eradication Gun".

The BUG-A-SALT rifle is the masterpiece of a working artist and surfer named Lorenzo Maggiore. After years of work to develop a prototype for the fly-killing salt gun, Lorenzo used his close and extended network to learn how he could introduce this product to the world.

After he knew the BUG-A-SALT was all he wanted it to be, the idea came about to conduct a pre-sale on a crowd-funding website called Indiegogo. Years in the making, and only one week online caused a global impression— a carefully crafted video that illustrated the goal of Lorenzo’s pre-sale campaign went viral, and a wave of internet-based consumers flooded in...

66 days later, having reached over 10,000 people in 70 different countries, the campaign ended and 21,000 BUG-A-SALTs (three containers) were spoken for. Lorenzo raised a total of $577,491, which initially made the BUG-A-SALT campaign the 3rd most funded project in the history of Indiegogo’s website. The BUG-A-SALT continues to thrive and currently holds a spot among the top 10 highest funded projects.

Non-toxic (except to flies), requiring no batteries, and using only a pinch of salt per round, Bug-A-Salt seems to be an entertaining way to rid your house of insects.

Hat tip: BadBlue Guns.

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