Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Bomber planted 7 devices, hunt for man in black

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Boston Marathon bomber planted 7 devices, hunt for man in black: Riehl
CBS: Saudi man in custody was tackled by bystanders: JihadWatch
Flashback: Obama Declares “War On Terror” Is Over: WZ

BOLO Out for Suspect: Ace
FBI Refuses To Call Boston Marathon Bombing A Terror Attack: WZ
Muslims cheer terror bombings in Boston: JihadWatch

BOLO for ‘darker-skinned male,’ possibly foreign national: Twitchy
'Suspicious driver' leads police, FBI to home in Revere, Mass.: Blaze
Boston police remove several bags from suburban home after search: Riehl

U.S. Grants Saudis Privileges to Help Them Through Airport Security: CNS
Gov. Guomo: Why does anyone need a 30 ball-bearing bomb?: AWD
Israel-trained medical team responded to Boston attack: Times of Israel


They Lied to us Then About Immigration; They are Lying Now: RS
Palin, Levin vow to defeat anyone who votes for gun-control laws: Scoop
Boston Bombing Likely to Postpone Unveiling of Immigration Bill: Roll Call

I Went to Bed a Christian and Woke Up a … Terrorist?: RWN
Supreme Court turns down challenge to N.Y. concealed-carry law: LAT
Intruder Dials 911 Because He Fears Homeowner May Have a Gun!: RWN


US Households On Foodstamps Hit Record High: ZH
U.S. Spends $1.75 Trillion to Enforce Federal Regulations: JW
Why is Gold Crashing?: ZH

Scandal Central

Leftist Hypocrites on Campaign Donations: RWN
Eric Holder’s Wife Co-Owns Clinic Run by Indicted Doctor: Tatler
Universal Background Check And Record Retention Advocates – “It’s Not A Registry”: Extrano's Alley

Climate & Energy

Fireworks in the EU parliament over “the pause” in global warming: Watts


Chris Matthews, Democratic congressman suggest Tax Day tie to Boston attacks: DC
Boston Marathon Bombing Could Be Result of “Right-Wing Extremists” Says CNN Analyst: FreedomOutpost
Chris Matthews: 'Normally' Domestic Terrorists 'Tend to Be on the Far Right': NB

Infographic — Conservative Tweets Force MSM Coverage of #Gosnell: LI
From Roe to Gosnell...: Instapundit
Boston Globe tweets ID of 8-year-old bombing victim: Martin Richard, R.I.P.: Twitchy


Another Missile Defense Sellout — This Time To China: IBD
Communist “Peace” Movement Uses Their “Friend’ Obama’s Ecomonic Crisis to Gut US Military: Loudon
Are We Creeping Towards Worship of the State?: Acton

Venezuela: An Election That Reeks Of Fraud: IBD
Egypt Starves (and Egyptians Steal): Spengler
Despite Victory Claim, Big Setback for Chavismo in Venezuela: Foundry

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue.com/Tech)

Google Glass Enables New Forms of Cheating: Schneier
Under the microscope: The bug that caught PayPal with its pants down: Register
As PC sales tank, what's Microsoft's Plan B?: CNet


Cheaper Than Dirt Again?: Pagun
Former Patriots Guard Joe Andruzzi Helped Rescue Explosion Victims: Deadspin
Researcher hacks aircraft controls with Android smartphone: Register

QOTD: "At first look, the devices used in the attack appear to have been rudimentary explosive devices constructed with a common homemade explosive mixture. In other words, virtually anyone could have constructed them using readily available items. Although made of common items, it appears the bombmaker intended the devices to cause maximum casualties by adding shrapnel to multiple devices planted at a heavily congested event.

Still, investigators will painstakingly search the crime scene for evidence that could help identify the bombmaker. They will look for fragments of the device that they can use to potentially trace their origin. They will also be looking for evidence that could identify the bombmaker, such as fingerprints, fiber evidence and traces of DNA. If reports of multiple undetonated devices being located are true -- and they may not be, since in the wake of a blast everything tends to look like an improvised explosive device -- then the undetonated devices will provide a treasure trove of forensic evidence for the investigators to work with.

While any number of actors could have conducted this attack based on the simplicity of the devices, it took some degree of planning to create and place multiple devices. Many different types of groups have used multiple devices in terrorist attacks, so that fact alone does not help identify the culprits. But if there were multiple unexploded devices recovered from different areas in Boston in addition to the two that did detonate, this would indicate that more than one person carried out the attacks, meaning an organized group was involved rather than a lone wolf. Multiple unexploded devices could suggest some sort of tactical incompetence presented by the attackers. Long race venues such as the Boston Marathon also spread out security resources over large areas, likely allowing the attackers to more easily plant multiple devices throughout the city without being detected." --Stratfor Research

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Anonymous said...

Eh, workplace violence came to our attention with Obama's fundraiser, mentor and ghost writer, Bill Ayers. In the end Billy went "free as a bird" so I'm not holding my breath waiting for the WH to call this terrorism or punish the guilty. I expect though that they will use this to strengthen the grip of Homeland Security and blame even more Americans who after all, they say are the real terrorists. And, let's not forget their idea of a palette cleanser is spitting on spit on Thatcher's grave. Welcome hope and change Kenyan style.