Monday, April 22, 2013

Media Quiz: Possible Motives for Boston Marathon Bombing

In spite of a plethora of evidence, the kooks in media and the Obama administration -- but I repeat myself -- appear thoroughly stumped in ascertaining the motives of the Boston bombers.

For that reason, I offer the following helpful quiz for the administration and its public relations officials in antique media.

Question: What was the motive for the terror attack at the Boston Marathon?

Please select only one answer from the following choices:

Nicki Minaj not returning tweets, which indicts all of American society

Tsarnaev brothers are Yankees fans; took the term "Bronx Bombers" a little too seriously

Sick of TBS, which keeps showing the same "Master of my domain" Seinfeld rerun

Revenge for food poisoning incident at Boylston Street's Mr. Sushi

Bitterly clinging to holy book and pressure cookers

Hope to inspire Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to make the movie of the Tsarnaev Brothers' lives

Six-month trip to Russia centered around study of Rasputin's love-making techniques

That idiot Elvis impersonator stole my Ricin idea

Even Cialis ain't working

Kill infidels in the name of Jihad

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Dapandico said...

Circus wouldn't hire then as the Flying Tsarnaev Brothers.