Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MARATHON PHOTOS: Are These the Two "Persons of Interest"?

Dan Riehl: Possible Marathon Bombing suspect:

Orr said authorities have video of a man in a black jacket on a cell phone, wearing a gray hoodie and a white baseball cap backwards placing a black bag at the second bomb site outside of the Forum restaurant on Boylston Street and then leaving the area before that explosion.

And Jim Hoft adds this to the mix:

Two more from 4chan: this pair may match the persons of interest described here:

A federal law enforcement source told Fox News that investigators are looking for two men that are persons of interest in Monday's Boston Marathon terror attack and have distributed photos for “law enforcement eyes only.”

According to the reporter, one of the men has a backpack that appears to match the bag believed to have been used in the attack. The other man also appears to have a bag of some kind.

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