Thursday, April 18, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: What does it smell like to you?

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What does it smell like to you?: MB
Saudi questioned in Boston bombings to be deported: JihadWatch
Mark Levin grills Marco Rubio on immigration proposal: Scoop

We Win. They Lose. The 2nd Amendment is Safe.: RS
Feinstein: Background Check Deal Wouldn't Have Stopped Newtown: WZ
Acts of Rebellion: TL in Exile

Explosion at fertilizer plant in Texas: Photos and Video: Scoop
Tweets From TX: Site of Fertilizer Plant Explosion: Sooper
Allen West puts Left Wing Lunatics on Notice: Twitchy


Gov. Brownback signs bill requiring drug-testing for welfare recipients: Riehl
Nation's largest theater chain cuts work-week due to Obamacare: GWP
The Wreck of the Euro: Mead

Wake Up!: Denninger
Obama’s Budget Uses Tax Dollars to Fund Lobbyists Pushing Tax Hikes: RWN
Californians: Prepare For A 50% Hike In Pension Costs: ZH

Scandal Central

Boehner’s hand forced on Benghazi: Hill
White House behind Mitch McConnell smear? Brad Woodhouse Needs To Come Clean: Riehl
McConnell Campaign "Bugger" Closely Tied To Kentucky Democratic Party and Soros Group: Lid

Climate & Energy

Electrical Grid Attack: Captain's Journal
Syria: When is Enough, Enough? When the Oil becomes “Islamized!”: OilPrice
Congress Wants to Tell Americans How to Be More Efficient? Really?: Foundry


Breaking: David (Who?) Sirota Suspected of Being a Douche: Ace
Whatever the Reason, There’s No Excuse for Media Ignoring Kermit Gosnell Trial: NB
Embargo? The Reddit/4Chan Guys Have Apparently ID’d the Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects: RSM

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled: Erickson
Trey Gowdy Smashes DOJ on Voter ID Laws: Blaze
Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee: “Don’t Condemn The Gangbangers,” Guns Make Them Do It!: RWN


CBS News: “Multiple New” Benghazi Whistleblowers Speaking With Congressional Investigators: WZ
Did Obama Receive his Saudi Marching Orders about Boston Today?: Shenandoah
Press Cut Out Of Meeting With Saudi Foreign Minister, State Dept. Spins: Breitbart

Laughable Senate Amnesty Bill: Same DHS That's Freeing Illegals to "Dictate Border Security": Breitbart
Chinese Defense White Paper Challenges American Leadership, Military Readiness: Foundry
Reminder: Odds are Boston Bomber Is Either Islamic Extremist or Left-Wing Terrorist: GWP

Sci-Tech (courtesy

A Day With Glass: First Impressions Of The Early Days Of Google’s Latest Moonshot: TechCrunch
Google plans to set up gigabit-speed fiber in Provo, Utah: CIO
Awesome Grandparents Created Ridiculously Awesome Tree House Mansion for Their Grandkids: Gizmodo


The Cold War Has Gone Hot: TL in Exile
Exploiting Families Of Sandy Hook Victims Backfires: IBD
Obama responds angrily to gun amendment failures in Senate: CDN

Image: Dad records video of blast at fertilizer plant
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QOTD: "Manchin: If you want to remember those 20 babies… please consider you should vote for this bill.

I can conceive of a hypothetical bill which might protect some babies, which I do not think the Democratic caucus would support." --Ace

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