Monday, April 15, 2013

The 3 Most Dangerous Provisions of the Schumer-Toomey-Manchin Gun Grab Legislation

3 The Bill Will Lead to a Federal Gun Registry:
It would be a bad idea for Congress to give Attorney General Eric Holder the broadest possible discretion by empowering him to implement the STM background check legislation by regulations “notwithstanding any other provision” of the legislation. Perhaps the courts would say the anti-gun registry provisions prevail over the “notwithstanding” clause and there can be no step toward a gun registry, and perhaps the courts would say the “notwithstanding” clause displaces the anti-gun registry provisions and Attorney General Holder can start toward a gun registry.

The statutory rights of Americans to live free from a federal government registry of everybody who has firearms, what types of firearms they have, and where they have them should not be left to the judicial roulette of liberal judges in some courts and conservative judges in others.

2 It Eviscerates HIPAA Privacy Rights:
The STM gun control legislation eliminates any HIPAA privacy protection for mental health records in connection with the NICS system, leaving only what privacy protection the Attorney General cares to provide. The STM legislation says that information collected under the law by Attorney General Eric Holder to help him enforce the prohibition on firearms possession by mental defectives or people committed to mental institutions “shall not be subject to [HIPAA]

1 It Facilitates Undercover Busts of Innocents at Gun Shows:
Congress has made gun laws so complex that even the well-meaning, law-abiding citizen who owns firearms will have a hard time learning about and complying with every firearms law and regulation on the books. It is unreasonable to assume that every person at a gun show will automatically know that it is a crime to transfer a firearm without a necessary background check. The STM bill’s new undercover sting provision is a trap for the innocent.

Giving Attorney General Eric Holder unfettered power to further shred the Constitution is unacceptable.

This bill must be stopped.

Like Sarah Palin and Mark Levin, I will work to defeat anyone who supports this madness, starting with Pat Toomey.

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