Friday, April 19, 2013

BREAKING: MSNBC still guardedly optimistic that bitter clingers responsible for Boston Marathon bombings

Dan Riehl catches the following interplay on MSNBC (he watches it so we don't have to):

I suppose this is all in how one looks at it, now isn’t it? One would think MSNBC would have the capability to have sifted through what are a growing number of facts pointing out the suspects’ links to Islam – and even certain radical elements.

Maybe they need to hire more bloggers, not that we’re perfect, by any means? But at least we are looking at it, as opposed to perhaps turning a blind eye.

“Let me stop you there,” Todd said. “We don’t know for sure this is one of his Amazon wish lists?”

“I want to stress, we don’t know for sure, but it is certainly hist name….” Kohlmann said, before being interrupted by Todd.

“I’ve got to stop you there,” Todd said. “Our folks — we don’t necessarily want to put this on air yet until we verify it.”

Kohlmann said he understood, then started speculating on possible links between the suspects and Al Qaeda or other organized terror networks on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, which, he said, have been known to use Chechens or individuals who look like Chechens.

One of those groups is known as the Islamic Jihad Union,” Kohlmann said.

In the studio, off camera, a voice could be heard saying, “Oh my god.”

Todd finally cut in again: “I didn’t mean to cut you off, but we don’t want to draw so many conclusions,” he said. “But your point is that this is the type of string that the intelligence community is going to start pulling at — is that right.”

The new MSNBC logo, above, was contributed by The Looking Spoon, "in response to their eagerness to blame 'right-wing terrorists' in Boston and hesitance to talk about the (suspected) bombers Islamist beliefs."


Doom said...

If it ever comes to "bitter clingers", look to rooms full of politicians, bankers, judges, and the like, going "pop", if more likely look for politicians and bureaucrats with feathers attached to tar, seriously, not marathoners or general civilians. Why mess with the body, always go for the head.

I suppose, though, for islamists, everything is the head, in America. And they really are cowards. Going after people without fear of facing them, and only doing so when caught really, or killing themselves as a shortcut. Even my darker nature looks down on islamists as slouches and pussies, being both a stupid and fearful cowardly "warrior" lot.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Todd asks expert to surmise and when he does, he tells him not to state without evidence. Chuck needs a dictionary.