Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Dissecting the Gang of 8′s enforcement sham

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Dissecting the Gang of 8's enforcement sham: Malkin
Report: Hillary Lied Under Oath About Benghazi Security: Exam
Rubio Shamefully Attacks Conservatives Over Immigration Reform: Shark Tank

Securing Members of Congress from Transparency: Schneier
Can a President Who Promised to 'Stand with the Muslims' Protect Us?: AT
Given life under Obama, more Americans already feeling better about Bush: IBD

Jihad Blows Up the Liberal Utopia: AmSpec
Moderate low-information tweets: Kuznicki
Boston Bomber Admits He Was Defending Islam: WZ


Fed Gives Finger To Congress: Denninger
Perez Abomination Grows: AmSpec
$3 Million Retirement Cap in Obama's Budget Would Not Apply to Him: Breitbart

"Free" Welfare Phone Program Now Costs Over $2 Billion: RWN
Doing less with more: President Obama's intentional airport delays: Exam
In the midnight hour, it is revealed Boston Bombers got welfare: LI

Scandal Central

XO: Obama To Ban Importation of Ammo, Magazines and Gun Accessories Without Congress?: SHTFplan
House GOP Benghazi Report: Clinton OK'd Security Reduction: Roll Call
Paul Ryan Intern Adam Savader Arrested: RSM

Climate & Energy

Report: Obama-funded Fisker lost $557K per electric vehicle sold: DC


Dealing with A Press Gone Pyscho? Drinking Helps…: Leath Penguin
Politico Ignores Dzhokhar's Pro-Obama Tweets, Reports No Obvious 'Political Outlook' of Tsarnaevs: NB
Mike Bloomberg Suggests We Need To Sacrifice The Constitution: Mataconis

Robert Redford: ‘How He Kept His Radical Edge’: Driscoll
Obama’s body language tells more about him than his lofty words: CFP
Question For Those Who Study CNN Kremlinologist Style: Driscoll


Boston Bomber Database Error Underscores Terrorism Watch List Weaknesses: IPT
US imam calls on Muslims in US to wage jihad: DC
Mosque that Boston suspects attended has radical ties: USA Today

Kissing the Crocodile: Sultan Knish
Stunner: Mosque Bombers Attended Has Radical Ties, Speakers Urged Beating Wives, Killing Jews: JWF
Podcast: The Nexus of Latin American Radicalism and Middle Eastern Terrorism: Fausta

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Twitter to create ‘social TV lab’ with agency, lands biggest ad deal yet: LostRemote
Why facial recognition couldn't identify Boston bombing suspects: Sophos


Warrantless Entry: C&S
I’ve Got a degree. In Science!: MOTUS
Just another guy in the neighborhood: Sondrakistan

Image: Why Time Travel is Confusing: Gizmodo
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QOTD: "The last week has provided a multitude of revelations about our government and the people of this country. The billions “invested” in our police state, along with warnings from a foreign government, and suspicious travel patterns were not enough for our beloved protectors to stop the Boston Marathon bombing. After stumbling upon these amateur terrorists by accident, the 2nd responders, with their Iraq War-level firepower, managed to slaughter one of the perpetrators, but somehow allowed a wounded teenager to escape on foot and elude 10,000 [cops] for almost 24 hours. The horde of heavily armed [cops conducted] illegal searches of homes and treat[ed] innocent people like criminals. The government completely shut down the 10th largest metropolitan area in the country for an entire day looking for a wounded 19 year old. The people of Boston obeyed their zoo keepers and obediently cowered in their cages.

The entire episode was an epic fail. The gang that couldn’t shoot straight needed an old man to find the bomber in his backyard boat. The people of Boston exhibited the passivity and subservience demanded by their government. Since the capture of the remaining terrorist, the shallow exhibitions of national pride at athletic events and smarmy displays of honoring the police state apparatchiks who screwed up – allowing the attack to occur and looking like the keystone cops during the pursuit of the suspects, has revealed a fatal defect in our civil character. We are living in a profoundly abnormal society, with millions of medicated mindless zombies controlled by a vast propaganda machine, who seemingly enjoy having their liberties taken away. Most have willingly learned to love their servitude. For those who haven’t learned, the boot of our vast security state will just stomp on their face forever. We’re realizing the worst dystopian nightmares of Orwell and Huxley simultaneously. This abnormalcy bias will dissipate over the next ten to fifteen years in torrent of financial collapse, war, bloodshed, and retribution. Sticking your head in the sand will not make reality go away. The existing social, political, and financial order will be swept away. What it is replaced by is up to us. Will this be the final chapter or new chapter in the history of this nation? The choice is ours. " --Jim Quinn

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