Monday, January 04, 2016

MAP: What is the Dominant "Refugee" Group in Your State?

Via Ann Corcoran, we discover an interesting map that illustrates the dominant country of origin for "refugees" in each state.

Mr. Obama loves blaming his predecessor for all sorts of problems, constantly complaining about the situation he "inherited".

But it's worth noting that Barack Obama inherited a Middle East, after the Iraq surge, that was relatively stable. Via a bizarre set of actions, we have seen the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Obama/Hillary attack that destabilized Libya, a failed "red line" threat in Syria, and a newly resurgent Iran.

The result is a refugee crisis of nearly unprecedented scale, instigated by the Obama-Hillary-Kerry axis of, well, I'm not sure whether its fecklessness or something more nefarious. So consider the following map in that context; you can thank Obama, Hillary and John Kerry for much of this madness.

Iraqi refugees make up the largest population of newcomers in Oregon, and most of the Western United States... Decades of war and civil unrest have led to mass immigration out of Iraq [and the] rise of ISIS has only intensified the diaspora.

And according to the right wingers at NBC News, Mr. Obama wants to import around 200,000 more refugees over the next two years. As an added bonus, "many, though not all, of the additional refugees would be Syrian."

What could possibly go wrong?

You can see more refugee graphs here.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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