Saturday, December 05, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: The Further Dismantling of Health Insurance

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Words & Deeds: Crittenden
Weirdness quotient dialed up to 11: Ace
Obama's Recurring Gesture: Patterico

Powerful ad: 'Support the persecuted SEALs': GWP
The Further Dismantling of Health Insurance: JWF
Hundreds of Protesters Greet Pelosi: TotalBuzz

Interesting Trend: Dinocrat
Polling news: nothing short of 'cataclysmic': Ace
Congressional Black Caucus Goes to War: Morris

Three Navy Seals Deserve Their Day In Court: Tapscott
Another Health Care Earmark for Trial Lawyers: Exam


Jobs summit features rent-seeking CEOs: Exam
The problem with debt is that it's expensive: Corner
Jobs Summit Saves Christmas: MichMirr

Michigan population loss -- budget mismatch: BlogProf
Their agenda is destroying jobs: GOPleader
An Actual 'Green Shoot': Denninger

An alternative read on today's bullish jobs report: Zero Hedge


The Washington Post and the Mother of All Hack Jobs: Wolf Howling
AP: New jobless claims fall because last week had only 3 working days, but let's de-emphasize that part: BlogProf
Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman: Morrissey

The 'Safe Schools' Czar Reading List: Patterico
Under attack after reporting on 'Safe Schools' Czar's Child Porn Books: GWP
Is the MSM rising from the dead?: MoneyRunner

A Democrat wonders what the heck is going on: Dinocrat

Climate & Energy

AGW not stopped yet: AT (Lifson)
Obama delays Copenhagen trip: Patterico
Hansen urges Copenhagen collapse: AT (Moran)

It's time to start over, beginning with the science: NRO


The Iranian Time Bombs in Latin America: Ledeen
Hillary's Smart Diplomacy On Display: JWF
Obama Changes Copenhagen Plans, Invites Huge Failure, Again: Riehl

A Leader of the Free World Not To Be Feared: Steyn
Yes, he pressed the reset button on our diplomacy: Hanson


Google launches public DNS; all your queries belong to us: InternetNews


Angry Wife Golf Club Guide: Denny
Diva is a big important job: MichMirr
Diplomacy Is The Art Of Saying "Nice Sheeple": No Sheeples Here

Tiger Woods' Release Video: YouTube

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