Friday, December 18, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: If Nelson says 'no,' is Obamacare dead?

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This President Is No B+: Rove
Culture of Corruption, Part 52: NRO
Obama's Enabling Act: Grand Old Partisan

The Obama Doctrine: Govern By Decree: AT
'Lt. Col. Allen West rallies the base' clip: Hot Air
'We Want What Is Ours': JWF

If Nelson says 'no,' is Obamacare dead?: RSM
20 GOP Senators: Investigate of Offutt Threat: WklyStd


Obama's Vote-Buying Dilemma: AT
Green Lights and the Common Man: AJacksonian
Meet Philly’s community service thugs: 'Brigands': Malkin

There Is a Difference: No GOP Vote for Stimulus II: GWP
Obama Job Creation Program: ACORN is Hiring: Malkin
Kos math: Spend $833 billion, call it $21 billion savings: Surber


Man of the Year Finalist #14: Surber
Trawling E. J. Dionne's Comments Section: Corner
The Real Person of the Year: Cold Fury

The Headline Stack Poetry of Matt Drudge: AmDig
Associated Press mystified by high unemployment: Doc Zero
Rasmussen: Huge Majority Support Offshore Drilling: Prairie

Climate & Energy

Who Needs Data?: AT
Climategate: ... And Just Like That, the Warming's Gone: PJM
Five Green Commandments: Corner

The State of Climategate Today -- 12/17/09: Ace
As Democrats Dither -- China Gobbles Up North American Gas Reserves: GWP
Climate Change Corruption: Raquel Okyay

Vintage Moonbattery: Copenhagen's A Battle To Humble And "Redefine Humanity": Mere Rhetoric
Nancy Pelosi: Global Warming Junk Science Is a Women’s Issue: GWP The upper atmosphere is cooling: Surber


So Many Despots, So Little Time!: PJM
Europe Cracks Down on Honor Killings: PJM
Obama offers $33 billion a year in climate reparations: AT

Chavez Tells Copenhagen Summit “Capitalism Is the Road to Hell” – Gets Standing Ovation: GWP
There Hugo Again: Paranoid Clown Fears U.S. Invasion: JWF
Chavez-hagen: Charlie Foxtrot

Iran's Global Bedfellows: Rosett
Gitmo Does Not Cause Terrorism. Doubt It? Ask the Blind Sheikh.: NRO

Russians Accuse Brits of Manipulating Global Warming Data!: GWP
Gore Effect Strikes Copenhagen Like Frigid Clock; Blizzard Dumps Snow on City: Ace
Obama adopts failed California blueprint in Copenhagen: PJM


Chrome for Linux: Good Browsers Come to Those Who Wait: LinuxInsider


Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa Claus: Rebel Christmas Card
Christmas Memo: Physics Geek
Al Greenleaf Wordsworth Whittier Tennyson Silverstein Gore: Cold Fury


"Perhaps the president is finally accepting some responsibility for high unemployment, low economic growth, and setbacks and difficulties in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He keeps bemoaning 'the past eight years,' and obviously, by this date, one of those eight was under his watch." -- Campaign Spot reader Jeremie

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