Sunday, December 20, 2009

18 inches of global warming

An anonymous contributor -- not Joe Biden -- sends these pictures from the Bethesda, Maryland area this morning.

Calls to Al Gore's Washington residence to help shovel the driveway were not returned.


JimK said...

Incredible. Every year a bunch of idiots think they're being funny by mistaking weather for climate.

Did you really think that global warming meant there would be no snow in the places that have always had snow?

Instead of writing blog articles to broadcast your ignorance, why not invest some time reading the science?

directorblue said...


You mean the fact that virtually every set of temperatures around the world have been doctored?

Like Russia's? New Zealand's? Australia's?

Heard of Climategate?

Why not take a look at this video (because I know that pointing you to Anthony Watts' site will just confuse you -- it has words, you know)?

Then tell me about the science, Einstein.

Canada Guy said...

Another thing to remember is that in many places warming is causing a lot more snow to fall. When temperatures are really cold it doesn't snow. When it's a little less cold, much more snow can fall.

Parts of Canada have been seeing a *lot* more snowfall over the past decade or two. This is *not* because temperatures are falling!

The_Bad said...

Keep telling yourself that, CG. Say it over and over again. Write it down on a scrap of recycled paper, fold it up, put it under your pillow and wish, wish, wish.

And still, output of the sun will continue to dictate the climate on this and every other planet in the system.

King of the Road said...

Reading your posts and comments is entertaining in the same way as reading an Archie comic. You know that people this clueless don't exist in real life, but it's amusing to read about them.