Sunday, December 20, 2009

Best of the WUWT Caption Contest

You can pick through nearly a thousand comments in Watts Up With That's caption contest.

Or you can read my summary of the winners, in no particular order.

• Obviously my trip was a splendid success. Global warming is defeated.

• "But it's a warm snow."

• “Damn! Al beat me here!”

• Associated Press: “Ticker tape parade greets President after European climate victory”

• “A global warming conference in December… what a bunch of geniuses."

• “Don’t worry Mr. President, Hansen, Mann, and Jones assure me this will be ‘adjusted’ to be the warmest December 18th this century.”

• “It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.”

• “Shovel ready?”

• Welcome to Andrews Air Force base, Mr President. The cottonwood trees are in full bloom in this unusually warm year.

• “American children gain much pleasure from snow, pleasure that many African children will never experience. We are a selfish nation, our children are selfish and they should be ashamed of themselves. Crystalline water ice inequality is a major moral issue that must be addressed by rich nations.”

• "A+"

• One day's work and I have healed the planet -- I feel another Nobel coming!

• “Not to worry, Mr. President. The crew will lay a carpet of surplus dollar bills to your limo to keep your shoes clean.”

• "Mission accomplished!"

• On the bright side, driving snowplows are counted as "green jobs".

• "Hmmm... a snow tax... you're smarter than you look, Al!"

• Time to keep my promise. Order 600,000 shovels and get those people working.

• “My God, look at all those heat flakes falling!”

• “I shall now proceed to walk on water.”

• Can someone please de-ice the damn teleprompter?

• Al, you invented Photoshop. Deal with this!

• You know what, just, just, just… f**k it – we’ll tax ‘em some other way.

• Message from Lord Monckton for you, sir. What does “All your base are belong to us” mean?

• Let me be perfectly clear……. Bush left this mess.

• Gaia is a denier!

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