Monday, December 28, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Yep, White House Blames Bush for Detroit Terror Attempt

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Sec. Napolitano: 'The system worked': Cold Fury
Heckuva job, Jannie!: Morrissey
Is the Director of DHS an “Anus Horribilis”?: GoV

When an agenda is more important than the facts: York
Yep: White House Blames Bush for Detroit Terror Attempt: GWP
Thwarted Detroit blast too close for some: Times

Percy Sutton dies; His Obama revelation unmentioned: AT


The Liberal Plot Against American Education: AT
Gary, Indiana Death Countdown: Chicago Boyz
Morgan Stanley: Interest Rates Set to Soar 40%: Insider

Harvard's portfolio-killer sets course for U.S.: WSJ
Record $118B in U.S. debt auctioned this week: Insider
Brace for Impact: Zero Hedge


Protocols of the Elders of Lake Woebegone: Cold Fury
Year of the Failed Narrative: Driscoll
Should Obama put down his golf clubs?: SIGIS

Andrea Mitchell: Stuck on Stupid: Wizbang
Mark Steyn Asks...: MoneyRunner
Letters: Obama has been a disappointment: Park-Rapids Enterprise

cBS News: Presidential Vacations Are Hard Work: RWN
Too damn big, slow, inefficient and intrusive: BlogCritics
The Obama image: what a difference a year makes: AT

Climate & Energy

To Be Fair, That’s A Lot Of Decline To Hide: Driscoll


This Isn’t Good: 21st Century Looks Like a Replay of 20th: BigGovt
Obama just made it easier for International Court to go after American "war criminals": PJM
Crossing into North Korea: PJM

Ashura: a new phase to the revolution: Wolf
Hmm… Israel Calls ALL Ambassadors Home For Special Meeting in Jerusalem: GWP


AT&T suspends online iPhone sales in New York City, reasons still unclear: Engadget
FCC member berates Verizon for termination fees: CNet
Apple tablet terrorized by component rumors: Engadget


Well, actually...: The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks
25 Random 140 Character Thoughts: RWN
Your Late Christmas Present: Jingle Bombs: Denny

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