Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Crack Pro Journalist Andrew Sullivan Writes Brilliant Missive on TMZ Hoax Then Clogs Toilet Trying to Flush Down Memory Hole

Sy Hersh was right! So says the scion of The Atlantic's stellar lineup of conspiracy-minded commentators not named McArdle. Upon spotting the TMZ photo purporting to show JFK cavorting with a boatload of beautiful, nekkid women, Sullivan lept into action.

Now, it turns out that it took the Inter-tubes about 15 minutes to determine the print was a Photoshop-special, with all the authenticity of a Ming Dynasty boom-box. But there was no stoppin' crack pro journalist Andi Sullivan!

His book, "The Dark Side Of Camelot", was one of his best: scenes of simply staggering sexual shenanigans, rampant abuse of power, close connections with the mafia, nepotism up the whazoo. And now we have some photographic evidence - courtesy of TMZ.com - of the Kennedy lifestyle, when feminism was still at bay and powerful rich men could fill their yachts with a variety of sexual objects. Take a look at this scene from the mid-1950s. And Tiger: you were born too late:

William Jacobson asks the salient question: What if Sarah Palin had done this?

Because, after all, Palin's "odd lies" represent a "cover-up" the depths of which only a man with Sullivan's pulse-pounding detective experience and vast network of like-minded pro journalists could plumb. Such as, what's up with Trig, dude?

If there's a journalistic award for self-inflicted tomdouchery, Sullivan's a lock.

Hat tips: Legal Insurrection, via Michelle Malkin.


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