Saturday, December 19, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Nelson Cracking -- A Deal May Be Likely

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Nelson Cracking: Deal May Be Likely: Ace
Alan-Grayson-Is-Nuts-talanche: LegalIns
Al Gore May Save Us From Socialized Medicine: Ace

Why Health Care Polls Are Tanking, Part XVIII: Kaus
Obama vs. Carter: The Razor
The Time To Say 'The Time For Talk Is Over' Is Over: Nice Deb

Penetration at the Pentagon: Investors
Corruption on the Border: Prairie
A year since the Wasilla church burning: Moe Lane


The Long March From California to Copenhagen: Hanson
6.1 Million Jobs Not Saved or Created Since Stimulus: JWF
House Democrats Double Down With Another Stimulus: Corner

We Must Act Now: Gormogons
Profit Margin on Slaves vs. N.Y. Taxpayers' Burden: Langbert


Bill Clinton's inner lout lurks just beneath the surface: PJM
Ever wonder what Obama would be like w/out a 'prompter?: Ace
I'm Hoping: Denny

I'm On The Precipice Of Defending Obama: JOM
Kahane Has Been Booked: Corner
McCarty trashed by HuffPo: BMW

Media Bash GOP 'Stalling', Praised Democrats for Fighting Bush: NewsBusters
Virginian Pilot Fudges the Facts: MoneyRunner

Climate & Energy

Climategate: History's Message: UnqualRes
AGW Today: Inhofe, Alarmist Media, And 40 Members Of Congress: STACLU
Enviros Are Like Watermelons: Green on the Outside, Red on the Inside: FloppingAces

Life in the faculty lounge is getting nasty: Dinocrat
Maybe They Could Devote The Weekend To Global Warming Climate Change: JOM
Global Warming Keystone Kops: Charlie Foxtrot


Smart Diplomacy(TM) Copenhagen Edition: Obama Insults China: Ace
Talk Is Cheap, Abundant, And Fuels Global Conferences: JOM
Developing nations slam U.S.-led climate deal: Maktoob

The Extended Finger from the Mullahs' Clenched Fist: Ledeen
Egypt headed for Iranian-style Islamic revolution -- with U.S. tax dollars: PJM
HRW: We're Not Sure About Garlasco's Nazi Obsession, But There's Definitely A Jewish Cabal...: MereRhet

Chavez: Obama smells of sulfur, too: Fausta
Middle East Peace? Look What Bill Clinton Offered: RubRep


Hackers are defeating tough authentication, Gartner warns: Network World
Why Google May Want Yelp: CNet


The One's Report Card -- From 1970: Parkway Rest Stop
Nancy Scores Kudos from Gohmert: C & S
Thousands protest AGW: S, C & A

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