Thursday, December 24, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Nanny State Gone Wild as Dependency Widens

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Legislative Reality and Magic Beans: Reason
The Fierce Urgency of February: Ace
Written Proof: Nelson a Disgusting Sleazebag: Red State

The Coming Tsunami: Pundette
Cats and Dogs... Living Together...: LegalIns
MN Somalis attack passersby: Lambeth

Origin of Obamism: Where did these guys come from?: Hanson
Reid: Public to greet Demcare with 'joy and happiness': Exam
White House to Stupak: Shut Up About Abortion: Greenroom


Obama's Latest Health Care lie: Hit & Run
The Deflation Threat: AT
Trucking Firm Shutdown Comes as a Shock: BMW

Nanny State Gone Wild: Widening Dependency: Malkin
Of course ObamaCare will add to the deficit: WashExam
Drop the 'National Strike': LegalIns

Illegal Aliens Stealing Billions of Stimulus Money: S&L
A Nation of Thieves: AT
Adding an entitlement when the other ones are broke? What??: Carolyn


Why the 'Angry Mob' is Angry: AT
'People are Outraged, and They Have Every Right To Be' : JWF
The Process of Passing Health Care: McArdle

Proof that MSNBC is not a business: RSM
Medal of Honor Winner Robert L. Howard Passes at Age 70: BMW
Chicago Tribune: the Greatest Generation Sucked: Riehl

New CNN Poll: a Total Sham: Riehl
NYT: Too Much Money Wasted Treating the Old: S&L
Splitsville for Grating Hollywood Pinheads: JWF

Climate & Energy

Climategate: How to Follow the Money: PJM
New Study Shakes Debate: 50 years of cooling predicted: Bolt


Top Ten Foreign Policy Blunders of 2009: Power Line
Former president Carter: I didn't mean to 'stigmatize' Israel: WashExam
Shameless Islamist Doublespeak Rages On: PJM (Ibrahim)

Gitmo Detainee Now Back at Al Jazeera: S&L


Major DDoS attack hobbles major e-commerce sites: CNet
Rogue AV Scams Result in $150M in Losses: TrendMicro


Most Bizarre Christmas Gift Ever?: Ace
Just Because: HoosierBoy
Merry F***in' Christmas: Ace

Christmas in History: First Media Reports of Nativity: Cube
Is this childish? You bet it is!: IOtW


"I can't be bought." -- Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Dec. 21, 2009

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