Saturday, December 26, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's Executive Order and INTERPOL

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Terrorist Attempt Update: Bomb Was Incendiary: Ace
AQ tries to blow up plane, AP says 'motive unclear': Atlas
Obama's Executive Order and INTERPOL: Anchoress

10 Lumps of Coal in the Health Care Bill: IBD
An Efficient Government Xmas Card: AmDig
Yes, Obama participated in the Socialist Party: PJM

The Art of the Painless Coup: Anchoress
‘Impeach Judges, Crush and Replace Left’: BMW


Give Me Liberty or Give Me Social Justice: PJM
Obama lashes out at GOP for filibuster: GWP
He feels your pain in an $8.9M rented house: GWP


'This Is a Frightening New Side of Barack Obama': JWF
CNN's Ali Velshi Stops King From Naming Terrorist: NewsBusters
The Times of London Names Its Person of the Year: Neda: Atlas

RNC Chairman Michael Steele's First Blog Interview: RWN
Stories of the Year: Surber
Joy to the World: Doc Zero

An "Unusually Good Bill Clinton": LegalIns
ABC Refuses to Identify NWA Incident as Terrorism: BMW

Climate & Energy

Obama Green Plan: Substitute Dependence On Chinese Metals For Dependence On Saudi Oil: LegalIns
Video: Driving Conditions in Oklahoma Snowstorm: BMW
Bug Report: a Climategate Denier's Complaint: IIFTG


Christmas Greetings from Al Qaeda: Belmont
Of Executive Orders and Trojan Horses: NoisyRoom
Did Obama exempt Interpol from same legal constraints as American law-enforcement?: Morrissey

The Iranian Problem: Wolf Howling
John Kerry's Persian Delusion: LegalIns
Why does INTERPOL need immunity from American law?: Corner


Top Ten Tech News Stories of the Decade: CNet
Kindle: Is Amazon Working Backwards?: BitsBlog


Holiday Cheer: R&R
Season's Beatings From Hollywood!: JWF


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