Monday, December 21, 2009

Climate Creationist and Vice-Laughingstock Michael Mann Ripped to Shreds by WaPo Readers

The fraud orchestrated by Climate Creationist and Assistant to the Head Laughingstock Michael Mann is so egregious that even Penn State University is investigating his scandalous behavior. That didn't stop Mann from publicly defending the scam in The Washington Post ("E-mail furor doesn't alter evidence for climate change") last week.

I cannot condone some things that colleagues of mine wrote or requested in the e-mails recently stolen from a climate research unit at a British university. But the messages do not undermine the scientific case that human-caused climate change is real.

That thump you heard was Phil Jones -- late of East Anglia University -- rolling beneath the bus.

At present, Mann's article has attracted over 650 comments. A rough estimate puts Mann's detractors at over 90% as readers are using everything but literary brass knuckles and a two-by-four on his pathetic arguments. A small sample:

Dr. Mann, thank you for clarifying what scientists mean when they use the word "trick." For a minute there, I thought you and your colleagues were trying to fool us! As you know, we laymen can be a bit dense and we have an unfortunate tendency to take things out of context, especially when confronted with complex scientific terms. Therefore, it would be most helpful if you could also explain what scientists mean when they use the following words:

"Lack," as in "The fact is that we can't account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can't."

"Meaningless,” as in “As far as I can see, this renders the (weather) station counts totally meaningless.”

"Cannot," as in “COBAR AIRPORT AWS (data from an Australian weather station) cannot start in 1962, it didn’t open until 1993!”

"Make it up," as in “What the hell is supposed to happen here? Oh yeah — there is no ’supposed,’ I can make it up. So I have : – )”

Justice will not rest until you and your mates have been sentenced - that is settled.

Michael Mann is a contrary indicator of truth. If he said "The sky is blue," I would run outside to see what color it had changed to. The Washington Post does itself a disservice by publishing any of Mann's comments here. If this continues, the Post will be as ill-thought of as Nature Magazine which recently printed an editorial in support of political activism by scientists in disregard of the science.

Michael Mann lied about the Hockey Stick. Then he lied about the Hockey Stitch, the fact he spliced the temperature record onto the proxy reconstruction to hide the fact the tree-rings are not good proxies for temperature. The emails prove he lied.

The emails also prove Keith Briffa believes the Medieval Warm Period was as warm as today but his peer-reviewed papers and the chapter he wrote for AR4 don't say that!

For as long as Mann is not in jail - which I hope is not long - he needs to stick to writing for RealClimate (where he can block any comments by people who know more about the science than he does).

So, it looks like a single company controls the whole works:

Climate Exchange PLC owns CCX, including the CCX-subsidiary Chicago Climate Futures Exchange® (CCFE®), as well as the European Climate Exchange (ECX). Climate Exchange plc is a publicly traded company listed on the AIM division of the London Stock Exchange (CLE.L).

CCX is 10% owned by Goldman Sachs (GS) and 10% owned by Generation Investment Management (GIM), an investment firm founded & chaired by Al Gore. This firm was co-founded by the former Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush and former Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson. [1]

Wasn’t Paulson the guy who recommended the Wall Street Bail-out? Looks like a rat, smells like a rat. These guys stand to make some really serious coin if they can convince everyone that Cap and Trade is the answer. All they needed was some folks on the inside to artificially inflate the base climate data and the world will be convinced that the world is warming. The other scientists won’t even realize – after all who would expect the data to be falsified to fit the theory? Hansen and Jones, the true believers to the rescue – swindle of the millennium.

In April of 2007, I wrote that the efforts of the UN and the IPCC to promote anthropogenic global warming constituted the world's largest bunko scam. And the leaked emails prove that contention beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The environmentalists' agenda has nothing at all do with the environment. It's about enriching themselves and promoting a socialist world society. Ain't that right, Carol Browner?

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Anonymous said...

Putting these guys (Jones and Mann) in prison is like busting the local street dealer in heroin. Sure, they are part of the problem but we want Mr. Big!

Harpo said...

I want the whole bunch of carbon crminals in jail. Mann will do for a start.

Unknown said...

Action needs to be taken against this corruption, these universities, the IPCC etc

Anonymous said...

Mann, Jones, and Gore are all guilty of knowingly perpetrating a hoax. They have caused great psychological harm and stress to millions of people worldwide and have pocketed millions of dollars in this scam. The parents of Balloon Boy were recently sentenced to prison for perpetrating a hoax. Mann,Jones, and Gore must be brought to justice.

Carbonicus said...

Well said.

Carol Browner, member of Socialist International, please respond to the question posed at the end of this article? It is not rhetorical, as those of us who are NOT sheeple/libtards know eco-socialism is what you and your cohorts are really all about.

Anonymous said...

Give me 5 minutes with Al fraud Gore or Mann or Jones. Just 5 minutes.

These people need to be brought out into the daylight so they can turn to dust.

Pure evil.