Friday, December 25, 2009

The Illustrated Obamaconomy

Marla at Zero Hedge relays photographs of the bustling holiday shopping season at Los Angeles' tony Beverly Center and Westfield Century City.

Beverly Center is located smack dab in the middle of Beverly Hills while WCC is a few miles west in, well, Westwood.

Let's check out the parking lot for the Beverly Center the day before Christmas: hopefully we can find a spot!

Neat! Plenty o' spots left!

Behold: the power of Schwarzenomics!

You could should a pellet gun in random directions and only wound mannequins.

Nothing spells "bargain" like a going-out-of-business sale!

If we could only find the Beverly Center's Dollar Store, I'll bet we could spot the crowds!

Fortunately lots more folks showed up while we were shopping!

Let's head over to Westwood's Westfield mall!

Jam-packed with shoppers enjoying the immense value creation of the Obamaconomy!

You can barely wedge yourself into Macy's.

Ditto the Apple Store.

Thank heavens the $787 billion Stimulus package kicked in when it did. We could have been suffering from a real malaise without the astute economic stewardship of Obama, Pelosi and Reid.


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Gordon said...

Here's what I would do.
1. Unionize the mall staff to protect against job loss

2. Give $100 million to the mall owners to improve the infrastructure

3. Give another $100 million to LA to keep cashflow going to city workers, who will no doubt spend money at this mall

4. Create a punitive tax for Macy's and other fat cat retailers

That ought to do it.

Picky said...

I know most of your post is tongue-in-cheek, but I just wanted to make sure that you realized the number of people shopping went DOWN not up. The sign shows how many parking spaces are available. Just sayin'.