Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: The Emperor's New Speech Impediment

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The Emperor's New Speech Impediment: AmDig
The Isolated Extremist: Cold Fury
More Guns, Less Crime in '09: AT

The INTERPOL Question: Malkin
Why has Obama given INTERPOL a free hand in U.S.?: WExam
Where is the national GOP in MA special election?: Morrissey

Bureaucrats Running For Cover Over Flight 253: Strata
Is Ben Nelson's Career Over?: RWN
GOP cedes ground: Crittenden


Consumer Credit and Bank of America: Denninger
It's a wonderful life, working for the government: Barone
Teddy's Dream is America's Nightmare: PJM

Four Members of Congress Caught Cheating on Taxes: Wizbang

Climate & Energy

Fireplace fascism in California: WExam
ClimateGate (Inadvertently) Explained: Wizbang
A shovel-ready test to separate the authentic environmentalists from the phonies.: PJM


The wake-up call from Flight 253: Jacoby
No Christmas Mass for the Obamas: iOTW
Doncha Just Hate It When Those Damn Neocons Get All Violence-y?: DPU

Man, Do I Hate Holiday Travel, Iowahawk Special Guest Opinion by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab: IowaHawk
Should have just said "You Lie!": LegalIns
We must face the reality that evil exists: Emery

They’re Lost, But They’re Making Good Time: Driscoll
Iron Chef Does the White House: Powers
Imelda Obama: BizzyBlog


The Christmas Crotch Bomber - Why He Almost Succeded And How To Stop Him In The Future: JoshuaPundit
Airliner suicide mission blessed by imam linked to Fort Hood suspect: Times
The Yemeni Front in the War on Terror: AT

Chesler on terrorism and the absent father: Pundette
Iranian Cartoonist Mocks Obama’s Soft Words Against Killer Iranian Regime: GWP
U.S. knew of AQ attack before 12/25: GWP


Google plans January 5 Android press event: CNet
Beam Me Up, Johnnie Walker: DailyTech


Video: Air Force Jet Cruises Thru Grand Canyon: BMW
Happy Kwanzaa!: Six Meat Buffet
WTF? US orders 200M rounds of ammo for homeland security: TAB

Illustration: Red Planet Cartoons.

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