Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Health care for all' is not a right; it is slavery

For Americans, the Declaration of Independence codifies man's unalienable, individual rights.

These rights are life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. And that is the complete list of rights to which citizens are entitled.

There is no right to a Whopper with Cheese at the local Burger King; no right to a free month of rent at the Lakeview Luxury Apartments; or even free Chemotherapy treatments should you need them.

Why did the Declaration limit our rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness? Because legitimate rights provide freedom for citizens to act, not to receive free shelter, food, medical treatment or big-screen televisions.

The American system guarantees you the right to work for what you want -- not for goods or services to be 'given' to you, without effort on your part, by some mysterious "others".

Consider a system in which your neighbors are compelled to feed, clothe and house you. In other words, your neighbors are ordered, whether they like it or not, to give up their freedoms (their private property, their liberty) to pay for your existence.

In such a system, you would be granted the rights to the goods or services produced by others, whether they voluntarily agree to such a system or not.

In such a system, the right to the pursuit of happiness is misconstrued to mean something else entirely: the right for other people to please you, whether they want to do so or not. Your "right" to happiness comes at the expense of others. They lose their liberties because they have now become your slaves. They are compelled to try to make you happy at their own expense and have no choice in the matter.

But our system defines rights in the form of freedom to act, not guarantees that citizens will receive free goods or services. It was this freedom to act that was unique among nations and made the United States the envy of the world, the richest and most powerful country ever seen on the face of the Earth. It did so by defining individual rights only as freedom of action.

With the passage of Democrat health care, however, the individual rights articulated in the Declaration of Independence have been trampled upon. It is as if the Declaration had never been written as politicians invent new "rights" from whole cloth. These "rights" require only your mere existence: by existing, you will be granted gift-wrapped goods and services from "others" who somehow will provide them to you.

You are now entitled to something simply because it exists and you want or need it. You are entitled to receive it from the government, because the government will take as much labor, as much private property, as much as it needs from the citizenry to give it to you.

Of course, Democrat health care truly wipes away our rights. The people who manufacture the goods or provide the services are now beholden to the state. If you attempt to make the delivery of any good or service a right, you thereby enslave the providers.

But doctors, as Ayn Rand wrote, are not servants of their patients. They are "traders, like everyone else in a free society, and they should bear that title proudly, considering the crucial importance of the services they offer."

The Democrat Party's assertion that "health care for all" is a right is a notion at complete odds with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. It is no more a right than the right to free bread, free orange juice at the grocery store, a free condo or free open bowling on Friday nights.

"Health care for all" translates to slavery, plain and simple, and marks the beginning of the end of the American experiment.

Inspired by: Dr. Leonard Peikoff and Dr. Mark Levin.


Anonymous said...

I'm for Free Beer!
(although make mine n/a)
I hope that doesn't make me a socialist.


Anonymous said...

The democrats can only maintain when they have something 'free' to give away. When there is nothing left to take to give away, what will they do?

Anonymous said...

"that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Sorry, but the word "among" means these three rights are only some of the rights we have.

nabeca said...

I am really aghast to see how Americans defend the health industry. Why not write something about how the industry denies patients their medical treatments etc? What is wrong with you guys? Now that kids will have free medical services and you will be socialists? Are you kidding me?

The_Bad said...

“Why not write something about how the industry denies patients their medical treatments etc?”

OK, I will. After I lost my job, my wife and I had no choice but to be covered by government care. They called it “Access”, which with anything involving the government was the joke as it provided no access whatsoever. My wife’s doctor would routinely request an MRI for her as it was essential to diagnose and treat her medical situation. The government would routinely and unceremoniously deny an MRI and then advise her doctor to throw some pills at her.

After a very long hiatus, I was able to secure a new job. With that job came group health care. With that plan – the one you seem to have so much animosity towards – came instant approval for the MRI.

MRI wait time with the eee-vile insurance company: 1 day.

MRI wait time with the compassionate government: forever.

Your comment illustrates your complete lack of comprehension of the issue at hand. As such, I would ask you to please be quiet while the adults speak. Go read a book. Something without pictures on every other page.

Nahanni said...

Here is a handly little tool for that tool nabeca.

There you can get an idea of just how wonderful your holy "universal health care" is.

Click on the "Diagnostic scans" button, select MRI then click on the map selection. Select the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), that will give you an idea of how long anyone, including children(seeing as you are so concerned about "the children"-well, the ones that managed to get by your abortionist heroes...) will have to wait to get one. For more wait time fun look up how long you will have to wait for surgery.

Then you might understand why the US/Canadian border is lined with clinics and hospitals. People who live in Canada who are so blessed to have "universal health care" drive south to spend their hard earned dollars (of which they have less of thanks to the 40% taxes on their income they pay to the government along with GST/PST, etc.) to get what their holy "universal health care" would make them wait months for.

When it comes to people like you I hope you come down with a very debilitating and rare disease so you will get to experience the same "joys" I did when my ex was told that it would "cost too much to treat it and he would not put enough back into the system to cover the cost of doing so" (despite the fact that he paid decades of exorbitant income tax to fund Health Canada) and died a very painful and lingering death.

I will laugh at you as you are screaming in pain and I will have no sympathy for you. Nor will I show you any mercy as you beg for death-I will get right in your face and tell you to stop complaining, you got what you wished for.

Anonymous said...

Nabeca would enslave, loot, and pillage America's children and grandchildren for the evil cause of serving Social Justice.

Nabeca is committing an immoral act against humanity by condemning innocent children to hell.