Sunday, December 27, 2009

Iran - Protesters set police vehicles and police station on fire; President Obama maintains strict tee-times and cone of silence

Via Twitter and YouTube, more evidence from Tehran that the government is teetering on the brink. In this instance, police vehicles are being torched by protesters.

Anti-government protesters hope to hear from the Obama administration by Easter.

Update: Police are said to have killed ten in Iran:

Update II: A police station in the Ashoora section of Tehran is torched while a flag-waving rebel stands atop the structure (warning: graphic violence).

The Iranian people are fighting and dying for liberty. Liberty.


Shayne said...

You can rest assured that Obama is monitoring the situation closely. He wants to ensure that if the Ayatollah's are overthrown, he will be able to take the credit.

Smart diplomacy, after all. Right?

If the revolution fails, Obama will do two things: He will blame Bush and he will tell Ahmadinajed that he supported him the whole way.

But only after he finishes playing golf.

Randy Man said...

Not sure that they want us to come help. I've always heard that the reason their revolution wasn't happening any faster was because they were afraid we would come and help again.

If we had just left them alone in the 50's, none of this would be happening now.

But hey - you can't be involved in too many wars,, can you?

Dymphna said...

This one is a sticky wicket...I have less understanding and enthusiasm about this latest round of protests?

Iranians have staged rallies across the country to protest the desecration of a picture of the late founder of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini.

The TV footage of a torn-up poster of Imam Khomeini, during Student Day demonstrations in Tehran on December 7, unleashed a storm of anger throughout the country.

After the Friday prayers, Iranians in different cities including the capital Tehran took to the streets to protest the desecration

This is an internal battle. No matter who wins they will be as anti-American as they were when they took our citizens hostage against all international laws and customs.

They haven't changed.

Obama doesn't have jack squat to do with this. They don't like him any better than they did his predecessors...

It's hard for us to accept but Iranians DO NOT LIKE Americans.

Our only worry about them should be "exactly how apocalyptic is their current leader? How droolingly anti-Semitic?"

2010 could turn out to be a radio active year. What we do or fail to do has little bearing on their internal fragmentation.

directorblue said...

I personally agree with the Hammer:

"One way or the other, Iran will dominate 2010. Either there will be an Israeli attack or Iran will arrive at -- or cross -- the nuclear threshold. Unless revolution intervenes. Which is why to fail to do everything in our power to support this popular revolt is unforgivable."

-- Charles Krauthammer

SecondComingOfBast said...

There's also the prospect that if we get involved the mullahs will use anti-American/anti-Semitic feeling to manipulate public sentiment back to their side. Remember, most Iranians, regardless of their feelings, are probably on the sidelines. That might not last if we intervene.

That might be the real reason the Iranians occupied that Iraqi oil well, in the hopes of causing the US to react so they could use that as an excuse to inflame anti-American sentiment.

I hate to break it to everybody, but the mullahs are not going away any time soon, and probably never. There might be a regime change, but they will manage to retain a hold on some power.

And it bears adding that if they do have a change in government, it will probably look more like socialist Venezuela than it will a true federalist or democratic republic. Unless of course you're talking about the Democratic Republic of North Korea or something similar to that.

Naturally, you can forget about freedom of religion, and probably you can toss freedom of the press out the window as well.

If anything, this would be an opportune time to wage an assault on the forces of Hamas and Hezbollah, but I fear we are letting that opportunity go by the wayside.

Dymphna said...

Mr.Krauthammer, with whom I often agree (especially when he talks about the current administration) doesn't say how the current mullahs, who really run the show, can be curbed or changed. Dinner Jakcet is a front man: he rules nothing and controls nothing.

Unfortunately, the place is a Black Hole and has been since the Shah left. We get blamed for our support of the Shah, but when we see what replaced him (thank you, USSR -- your gifts keep on giving long after your demise) the blame seems a tad simplistic.

Muslim independence, and Iran is definitely Muslim, does not include a Bill of Rights. Shariah is the only game on the table no matter who is in's like rooting for one side or another in, say, the north of Iraq. Both "sides" will continue to round up the Christians and put them in ghettoes.