Monday, December 21, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Never Forget -- A Promise To Democrats

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Never Forget -- Our Promise To Democrats: GWP
Cash for Cloture: Demcare Bribe List: Malkin
Dems Broke It, They Own It: LegalIns

Liveblog; Cloture Motion Passes 60-40: Malkin
Live-blogging emergency health care rally, Omaha: Ace
Claire McCaskill, 'Obama's Joker' Signs Popping Up: GWP

The Illusion of Design: Doc Zero
How Bad Is It?: Kimball
Democrat Compares Health-Care Opponents to Nazis: RSM

What Would It Take?: RightSource
DOJ-Black Panther Case Update: Patterico
The Socialist Revolution Has Come to America: PJM


The Latest From 'Banker Guy': Hewitt
Reviewing November Fundraising Numbers: Moe Lane
More Bribery from ReidCo Using Your Money: FlAces

It would be funny but...: Dinocrat
Liberals Against Black Conservatives: AT (Marcus)
Obamacare: did Senate GOP blow a chance to stop it?: Patterico


The 'single largest social policy advance since the Great Society": TigerHawk
Fear for the Future: Prairie
CT scan care?: Surber

Krugman vs. the Secret Centrists: Kaus
Crack-up on the Left: Prairie
Man of the Year Finalist #11: Surber

Climate & Energy

Global warming's forlorn hope: AT (Dunn)
Glaciers Melt, Sea Levels Drop: Surber
Genius! Obama gives China free-pass to emit CO2: AT

Cheap natural gas and its enemies: AT (Lasky)


Eyewitness to COP15: not about 'climate change' -- about UN hegemony: Simon
Catch and Release The Guantanamo Recidivism Problem: Hayes
Clashes erupt as Iran buries cleric Ayatollah: Maktoob

The Mystery of Yemen: PJM (Belmont)
Shiite Yemeni rebels say Saudi air strikes killed 54 civilians: Maktoob
The Obama Administration's Trust in Pakistan is Going to Get Americans Killed: RubRep

Sharia in Paris: 'There is no law here': GoV
We are in the Best of Hands: JWF
Carbon Trade == Global Government: CBullitt


Offbeat Techie Gift Ideas: Network World
Anthropogenic Continental Drift: Ace


The Seventh Day of Obamamas: HillBuzz
Show your support for nationalized medicine with this unique bumper sticker: AmDig

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