Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Dems to America: Go to Hell

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Welcome to a New America: Corner
Arbitrary Power, Dictatorship, and Health Care: PJM
Lefty: 10 reasons to kill Obamacare: Surber

Dems to America: Go to Hell: STACLU
Adding Insult (Literally) to Injury: Ace
'Safe' Democrat Senator Down 22%: Surber

Did you know: There's a Senate election next month: Ace
Despite Vote, Last Night Left Me Very Optimistic: Riehl
Sheldon Whitehouse Tried to Defund Troops in '07: LegalIns

Retirement Card Campaign: SIGIS
Question of the Day: Is America Worth Fighting For?: Hillbuzz
Sales Eye for the Conservative Guy: BeTheRight


Cash for Cloture: Dem Vote-Buying Cost $1.2 Billion: GWP
Post Office Drops $3.8B (incl. $800K on Booze, etc.): Mere
Obama: let's stop spending as if we're using Monopoly money: GWP


The Health-Care Backlash: Wehner
Liberals Add Fresh, New Argument to Health Debate: If You Oppose It, You're a Nazi Klansman: Ace
Time's Klein Sees 'Sedition' in Coburn Comments: NewsBusters

Media claims Coburn prayed for Byrd's death: NewsBusters
Hopium Den: White House Declares Public So Wild for Comprehensive Piece of S*** Their Approval Will Rocket to 60%: Ace
Young Krumanstein: Crittenden

F for Effort: Taranto
Don't Despaire About Obamacare: Greenroom
E.J. Dionne - another partisan shill slammed at WaPo: NewsBusters

Change Nobody Believes In: WSJ
Film Review: Avatar: Morrissey

Climate & Energy

Obama agrees to 'cap' the global temperature rise: AT
All I need is the air that I breathe: Grand Rants
Brit Twit Gordon Brown Calling For World Global Super Green Avenger Force: CBullitt


Wrapping our heads around the world at Christmas: Anchoress
“Outrage over Lockerbie bomber’s £2m bank account”: Fausta
Has the U.S. has ever transferred a 'high-value detainee' from its custody?: SIGIS

Massive Protests at Grand Ayatollah Montazeri's Funeral: Ledeen
SmartPower (tm) Exemplified: Lebanon Surrenders: Tobin


Google's Creed: 'Open Will Win': CNet
Where's the FDA while this is going on?: Dinocrat
Best Software of 2009: ComputerActive (UK)


Thought for the day: Rand
Tiger, Elin go separate ways for holidays: Maktoob
'Twas the Night before Obamacare': AT (Alter)

Happy Winter Holidays to Druids Everywhere: Michelle's Mirror
Political Cartoon Courtesy of: Cagle Cartoons, Inc.

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