Sunday, December 20, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Was Your Democrat Senator Too Stupid To Get a Bribe?

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Why I named this blog 'Legal Insurrection': LegalIns
Terror test runs on airlines?: AT (Leonard)
Nebraska GOP sets up 'Give Ben the Boot' site: GWP

Senator Nelson's Bribe: BigGov
Senator Hatch’s Health Insurance Constitutionality Test: P-E
Nelson? What about the other 59 senators?: GM

The butcher: a one-boy illegal alien crime wave: JOd
I'll Have A Blue Dog Christmas Without You: Steyn
"And Nothing Will Come Between You And Your Doctor": JTF

'Betrayed': Lopez
Palin: Dumb Like Reagan?: PJM


Was Your Democrat Senator Too Stupid To Get a Bribe?: JWF
Merry Christmas, From Harry: AT (Hoven)
Government Market Distortion: Yet Another Example: Morrissey

"[No] money to buy more US Treasuries": ShangDai
Stimulus Shocker: Dem Districts Received Double the Funds of GOP: GWP
Chicago airport expands: 1,100 voters forced to relocate: Synthstuff

Reid 2.0: It's Still a Budget-Buster: NRO


It's settled: climate circus was a fairy tale: Steyn
Deconstructing Jar-Jar: Driscoll
Filmmaker: 'Dear Texas, Please Secede': RSM

Climate & Energy

Why the snowstorm disproves global warming: Surber
A Climatology Conspiracy?: AT
'Ship of Lies': Greenpeace ship gets tagged with the truth: GWP


Climate Thugs Dispense Violent Social 'Justice': Noisy
UN climate chief accused of 'making a fortune' on carbon trading: Telegraph (UK)
Obamanhagen: Hilariously Epic Fail: CBullitt

Obama the Lightworker and the War in Afghanistan: AT (Lewis)
Iran wants reparations for World War II damages: GWP
Swedish government to meet with GM officials - could Saab still be saved?: Autoblog


Risk and Security in the Telecommunications Industry: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4: Pacific Tier
A busy few days in the world of no-longer-Haloscan commenting: Diamond Geezer


Christmas Prank On Louie: YouTube
Koalas going extinct because of deforestation and climate change - but mainly because of V.D. and AIDS: JBM

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