Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Merry Christmas for Congress from Victor the Contractor

By Victor the Contractor

The United States Senate will have a very Merry Christmas this year as it gifts itself around eighteen percent of the economy. The Health Care Reform Act will effectively nationalize a sixth of the economy while offering fines and imprisonment for violators.

No one really understands what the bill in its entirety means because every time an item is revealed it creates a firestorm of controversy and resistance by one faction or another. Suffice to say this unconstitutional exercise will create a cabal of governmental institutions designed to take a fledgling medical bureaucracy and metastasize in into a 'Health Care Command and Control Administration' that progressively plans larger and larger parts of the economy.

It is not that far-reaching to imagine the FDA controlling and regulating food as drugs because consumption -- or lack thereof -- has some demonstrable effect on health. Certain foods and drink will invariably be banned as poisonous and anything seen as 'not green enough' will be rationed. The cross enforcement of anti-pollution laws and green technologies will bring the EPA to the party as an enforcement arm tailored to regulating all manner of pollution producers. Think of banning riding mowers as creating pollution and a sedentary lifestyle, thus running afoul of the 'Green AND Obesity Police.' Want to smoke a cigar with your goombahs at the local pizzeria? Fuggedaboudit!

Pizza will, of course, be banned or regulated as a major cause of obesity. Those ovens that pump out CO2 by the cubic yard have got to go, too. And cigars? Not only do they cause cancer, global warming and spew aroma pollutants, but the second hand smoke is a weapon used to assault other peoples' health. Now fur-wearing can be rightfully banned as the glorification of sport hunting among otherwise 'civilized' people. The practical implications of amassing policy-making power in one central administration is almost endless as more and more regulatory commissions join forces for the synergies each affords.

While my examples could be viewed as farcical there are many who are chomping at the bit to do away with the pastimes I have noted and this legislation is a backdoor method for doing so. I can for see a world where citizen behavior will be controlled, "To provide for the general welfare." Hell, if Congress can push Health Care through, then a Cap-and-Trade bill is small change and "Card Check" should be passed almost unnoticed. Nobody mention a $20 minimum wage, please...

Of course the American people are screaming at their televisions every night and swamping their respective legislators with opposition but the Government seems to be on a Communist autopilot of late. Our democratic form of Government is morphing into a Politburo with a Central Planning Committee right before our very eyes. And and all the press can do is applaud Michelle Obama's choice of evening-wear and those 'cute as a button' daughters who don't know which fork to use with salad but eat with their hands so gracefully.

I'm so sick of watching the mainstream media dally on about 'The New Kennedy Family' while our Constitution succumbs to the 'Second Bill of Rights,' first proposed by FDR and is in the process of being made into law as we speak. Its a blessing that the founders of this great nation did not linger long enough to see this sad turn of events.

It is also troubling and a sign of the times that Americans don't know what is 'Constitutional' and what is not. That politicians can appear in the media and even suggest that 'health care is a human right' is an affront to all who know The Bill of Rights. And for anyone to claim compassion on the poor is doomed to be poor someday. For we are spending our childrens' prosperity so that one party may be re-elected by the masses for whom they have purchased new welfare programs.

The next generation will be in the unenviable position of saying 'No' to the entitlements as the Treasury is depleted and China loses its taste for American bonds and the avarice which accompanies it. The rich will always have health care and the average American citizen will have dirty clinics with alcoholic 'pseudo-docs' to provide substandard services. Ask anyone who's actually had to go to a clinic: They'll tell you horror stories.

Yes, boys and girls, there is a Santa. And he has given himself the best Christmas present ever. Control. 'Santa Congress' has engineered a plan to nationalize the entire economy and the first step is the health care industry. They did a dry-run with the finance industry and a few car companies, and seeing little protest from its citizens, the government has upped the ante. The Senate voted for cloture on Christmas Eve. Such irony is not lost on me as the Government has finally grasped the spirit of Christmas! But woe to all that this is a selfish spirit; filled with avarice, self-dealing and hypocrisy. Congress will rue the day that it opted to declare a dictator in President Obama, even as it denies the fact.

For even with a change in leadership in both Houses next November, the fix is in. The infrastructure will be in place for a 'Democratic Dictatorship' and the new members will yield to the temptation of pork for prurience. Elections have less and less impact as Democrats are increasingly corrupt and Republicans apologetic for having just a hint of morality.

If I hear about shivers running up a leg at the mention of someone's name again my head will rend the tattered duct tape that hold its contents in and I'll have to wipe my laptop down once more. For the press is now the gossipy sophomore at the high school dance; spreading rumors about what she just heard, as if it was fact, while not understanding the full impact of her words. And woe unto all of those who mistakenly believe that there is any dignity in forcing the productive to support the lazy, or unlucky. That just creates more lazy and unlucky people.

I wonder if the people in Rome started investing in villas in the countryside with high walls towards the end of the empire. Or maybe just a few got out before the treasury was empty and the hoards invaded for the crumbs. There have been ten great empires the earth has been graced with or has suffered, depending on your outlook. And they all started crumbling from within when more people sat and held their hands out while fewer people got up at three AM to make the donuts. Just saying...

Have a Holy Christmas and Happy new Year,

Victor The Contractor


Anonymous said...

If America is governed from the center then Moderates really scrooged America by voting with the tyrants.

Moderates, take your 'fiscal conservative-social liberal' ideals and burn in your own man-made stocking full of coal-burning hell.

-From America who now abhors lying Moderates voting for Statist tyrants

Anonymous said...

I love this site! Thank you sooo much for all your posts!