Thursday, July 01, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Kagan -- an Obama liberal jurist for life

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Kagan Nomination

Kagan Damns Herself: the Day Three Summary: Foundry
Kagan: well, that looks like my handwriting...: Ace
Does GOP have cojones to filibuster Kagan?: RWN

Kagan is an Obama liberal jurist for life: Owens
Coburn to Kagan: 'Can Feds Tell You What to Eat?': BlogProf
Kagan's hidden hand in partial-birth abortion law: WashExam


Awakening From The Collective Dream: Doc Zero
Indiana voting ID law upheld: Politico
Forecast: Category 5 Riot in Oakland: Zombie

Four Justices Make the Case Against the Constitution: Reason
Jews Against Obama: RWN
Joe Biden does the Blitzkrieg Bop: Driscoll


No One's Capital Is Safe in Obama's America: AT
House Dems Jam Domestic Spending into War Bill: WashExam
Good News: DPS Has a $363 Million Deficit: BlogProf

Heeding Obama’s Advice, Boehner Punches Back Twice as Hard: Driscoll
Why Obamanomics Has Failed: WSJ
Chicago: Union Operators and Laborers to Strike : OrgExp

Climate & Energy

Top Ten Things Obama Should Be Doing: Foundry
Feinberg Clueless Over Management of BP Shakedown Funds: SIGIS
Almost Every Cleanup Worker From '89 Exxon Valdez Now Dead: Insider

Baucus openly questions Dem grandstanding on BP: Malkin
Former oil worker: the 'cleanup' is all for show: GWP
Democrats suppress GOP visits to Gulf: RedState


The Mysterious Disappearance of Ann Coulter: RWN
Enquirer not letting go of Gore story: Hot Air
7 Things Every Blogger Should Know How To Do (Besides Write): RWN

The Chris Christie Interview: WyBlog
Obama on Marriage: Bigot or Liar?: NRO
Memorializing George Tiller's Evil: Cashill


Will the Democrats get the blame for Iran's nukes?: AT
Blue Suede Jihad: Major Hamas Fundraiser Welcomed in the Land of Elvis: PJM
The Petraeus challenge: Can he ditch his own doctrine?: Peters

Kids Day Camp in Gaza: Patterico
Want worse health care? Try British model: Tapscott
Can we call this kid a 'G-bagger'?: DC


Apple hiring iPhone antenna engineers for some reason: Engadget
Internet Points of Control: TechPolicy
Apache Software Foundation Receives Approval for Sale to Oracle Corporation: Apache


Elena: Super Spy: MOTUS
2010: Year of Vivid Campaign Ads: AmDigest
After the fall -- John Edwards parties on: TNR

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Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Joel Pollak for Congress -- Give Jan Schakowsky a Pink Slip

QOTD: Another reason to doubt the [Supreme Court Second Amendment] dissenters' sincerity: They would never accept federalism as a rationale for letting states "experiment" with freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or due process protections. Much of their job, as they themselves see it, involves overriding "local preferences" that give short shrift to constitutional rights. -- Jacob Sullum

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Bones said...

Remember all those Caterpillar jobs Obama talked about. Guess where they are.

PEORIA, Ill. (AP) -- Caterpillar Inc., the world's largest maker of construction and mining equipment, said Tuesday it plans to build a new manufacturing facility in Brazil to meet growing customer demand throughout Latin America.
Caterpillar said the move is part of its long-term strategy to expand its global manufacturing operations, noting it has seen a particularly strong economic recovery in Latin America over the last year.
Caterpillar said earlier this month its machine sales worldwide jumped 11 percent in May compared with a year ago. Sales dipped 2 percent in Latin America. Because its iconic yellow-and-black equipment is used in many different sectors all over the world, the company's sales are considered an indicator of global economic health.
The company said it expects to announce a location for the plant later this summer. Construction of the new facility is expected to begin late this year or early next year, pending final site approvals.
The new facility will produce backhoe loaders and small wheel loaders, which are among the products currently made at Caterpillar's facility in Piracicaba, Brazil. Once the manufacturing facility begins production, it will allow Caterpillar to increase production for the other machines made in Piracicaba.
The plant in Piracicaba makes wheel loaders, motor graders, backhoe loaders, track-type tractors, excavators, compactors, underground mining loaders, generator sets and a variety of components.

XUZHOU, China (AP) -- Caterpillar Inc. said Monday it has reached a deal to boost its stake in a joint venture with a Chinese company as part of an effort to expand its business in China.
Caterpillar said it agreed to buy Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group's 15.87 percent ownership interest Caterpillar Xuzhou Ltd., a joint venture launched in 1995.
Details of the transaction were not disclosed. It is subject to Chinese regulatory clearance.
If approved, the joint venture would become wholly owned by Caterpillar.
In addition, Caterpillar said it broke ground on a new excavator production facility in Xuzhou. Once completed in 2014, the company will have boosted its China-based excavator capacity by 400 percent, the company said.
Caterpillar is based in Peoria, Ill., and is the world's largest maker of construction and mining equipment