Sunday, July 11, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Sharron Angle cannot win -- Just like Scott Brown

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Sharron Angle cannot win -- Just like Scott Brown: LegalIns
A Tax on the First Amendment: BackCon
Investigation reveals who funded SC Dem Alvin Greene: RWN

Elena Kagan’s 'Don’t Ask Don’t Tell' Sharia Policy: McCarthy
Ike Brown: Will DOJ Fail Another Race-Based Test?: Adams
Black GOP candidate slams Obama for exploiting race: Hill


Magical Education and the Slide into Third-Worldism: AT
Struggling states want more aid from Washington: Caller
Raising Your Indirect Taxes: AT

See? The president is cutting the deficit!: RWN
Charts of the Day: Employment: Hot Air
Why Florida Was the “Smart” Choice for LeBron: Foundry

Climate & Energy

It Begins: First Oil Rig Relocates From Gulf: GWP
Scientists Cleared of Rigging Climate Research? Hardly: AmPower
Oil Exec's Wife Injured by Bomb Left on Doorstep: GWP


Crimes of the New York Times: AT
The Destructive Power of "Hate Speech" Censorship: AmPower
Pitts: White Panther Mel Gibson is Hateful: BlogProf

Strap-On Beclowns Himself (More Than Usual): Ace
Alinsky, Stalinsky, It's Still the Same Old Agitprop: AT
Blogger face-off: Like Sen. Graham said, will the Tea Party movement die out?: Hill


Obama plays the race card against the Israelis: Six Meat
4 Arrested in South Africa Trying to Sell Nuclear Device: VOA
Iraq, Afghan, Pakistan insurgents join Somali militants: Kenya foreign minister: Terror Free Somalia

Ivy Cred: Boris and Natasha Edition: Crittenden
Iran: 18 provinces ordered shut down; national strike and demonstrations called for: Antimullah
The World Cup Abuse Myth: NRO

Ooops: Mosque Scrubs Its Website of Hamas Fundraiser: Jawa
Yes, It's Another False-Moderation-of-Palestinian-Leadership Hoax: BRubin
Iran reviewing woman's stoning death sentence: Maktoob


Obama touts $400M loan to solar company linked to corrupt Democrat's family: Hot Air
Are your hormones damaging your portfolio?: Maktoob
Want more followers? Twitter may help you buy some: CNet


WWE star Eddie Guerrero found dead in hotel room: Wizbang
Live Blogging Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant: Kesler
Something Wonderful: Coming This August: AmDigest

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