Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's Lawsuit Against Arizona

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Obama's Lawsuit Against Arizona: Wolf
Mexican Cartel Threatens to Blow Up Texas Dam: Quite Rightly
Meet Rosalio Munoz - Mexican American Communist: NewZeal

C-O-W-A-R-D-S: Malkin
Feds Tighten Control of Information on Gulf Mess: RWN
WI DA won't prosecute some state gun laws: Hot Air

New Black Panthers

Calling Out DOJ Opponents of Race-Neutral Law: Adams
Former DOJ Officials Step Forward to Back Up Adams: PJM
'Want freedom? Gonna have to kill some crackers': Driscoll


The Summer of Recovery, Continued: Virtuous
The Recovery Prevention Act of 2010: WashExam
Keynes & Co. have lost the stimulus argument: TheWeek

US Federal Deficits – We Don’t Need to Become Europe: Sargen
Plenty of Schock, No Awe at Mandatory Obama Signage: PJM
FCIC silent on conflicts of interest: WashExam

Climate & Energy

It begins: Obama touches off coal-killing policies: GWP
Obama is Strangling Big Oil: AT
‘Runaway climate change’ ‘unrealistic’, say scientists: First Post


Amanda Marcotte: The Pleasure of Sadism Is the Force Behind Conservatism: RWN
Must-See Photo: Rachel Maddow Reports from Kandahar: AmPower
Leonard Pitts Forgets that Bush Ain't President Any More: BlogProf


'Kiss and Make-up' at Obama-Bibi Presser: PJM
Two Major Middle East Terrorist Figures Die in their Safe Havens: CTBlog
Mexico's Culture of Racism: AT

Hezbollah honcho busted at his Tijiuana Mexico home: Fausta
The Arab Veil of Deception and the Left: AT
Obama Meets Netanyahu: No Love Fest But As Good As It's Gonna Get: BRubin


Why Internet Paywalls Will Fail: Guardian
NASA: Not About Space Anymore: Dewey
NASA Logo Makeovers: Malkin


Obama picks Yahoo. Google snubbed this time.: MOTUS
SF Bans Sale of Soda on City Property; Shooting Up in Public Park With City-Provided Needle Still Okay: Powers
Summer Camps: Now With Abortion Workshops!: RWN

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QOTD: "[Clay] Shirky's new book, Cognitive Surplus; Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age... argues that the popularity of online social media trumps all our old assumptions about the superiority of professional content, and the primacy of financial motivation. It proves, Shirky argues, that people are more creative and generous than we had ever imagined, and would rather use their free time participating in amateur online activities such as Wikipedia – for no financial reward – because they satisfy the primal human urge for creativity and connectedness. Just as the invention of the printing press transformed society, the internet's capacity for "an unlimited amount of zero-cost reproduction of any digital item by anyone who owns a computer" has removed the barrier to universal participation, and revealed that human beings would rather be creating and sharing than passively consuming what a privileged elite think they should watch." -- Decca Aitkenhead


Bones said...

From Bloomberg:
"New York Grid Operator Orders Power Cuts as Hot Weather Strains Capacity"

Now what would happen if 10% of the population plugged in their electric cars when they got home?

Reliapundit said...

love hoft but he just about lifted my post

Reliapundit said...

he gave me hat-tip after swiping all the meat of the post.

Quite Rightly said...

Thanks for the link!

GW said...

Thanks for the link, Doug