Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Shhh... no one tell Holder or Napolitano: massive arms cache -- including rocket launchers, grenades, and M-16s -- discovered near Texas border

Two months ago, north of Monterrey, the Mexican military discovered a huge weapons cache that should send a shiver down the spine of any U.S. law enforcement official. The arms cache was located roughly 50 miles away from the Texas border.

The Google translation, while imperfect, gives you the flavor for what was captured.

In recent months, clashes between the army and armed groups have shown the operational and survival of the latter in the rural areas.

The most recent dispute between drug cartels and the military operations that have popped safe houses and training centers have forced the gunmen not to settle for long in one spot, and improvise camps in neighboring municipalities with Tamaulipas.

According to federal sources, and as evidenced by yesterday's operation of the Army, members of armed groups moving in convoys down for a few days gap in wooded areas or suburbs, after supplies of fuel and food, mostly canned and non-perishable.

The authorities have also reported that the gunmen roam the northern fringe and sleep in motels different way, they leave in a couple of days.

[The military] found 124 rifles, grenade launchers, rocket launcher, machine guns, grenades and a box with 55 000 rounds, plus trimmings, helmets and boards of torture.

Jackets, caps, shirts and black berets, with a logo embroidered in three divisions-one with the map of Tamaulipas, the other with that of Mexico and one more with the letter zeta-, were also secured.

Listings with key numbers to identify procedures and other municipalities that grant, places and names of planets ejidos, countries and continents, were also seized.

But don't worry. Just because heavily armed Mexican drug- and human-smugglers have made large swaths of Arizona off-limits to American citizens, there's really no reason for concern.

President Obama has dispatched a crack team of attorneys -- skilled in defending terrorists -- to ensure that Mexican gangs have free rein to operate in the U.S..


Quite Rightly said...

And mum's the word about the Mexican drug cartel threatening to blow up Falcon Dam on the Rio Grande.

Phil said...

Yes it's near the Texas border, but it's nowhere near the Arizona border.

So goes the pathetic claim at snopes.