Friday, March 01, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Illegal Alien Who Killed Nun Was Just One of Many Released by Obama

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Illegal Alien Who Killed Nun Was Just One of Many Released by Obama: JW
The White House Must Make Sequestration Cuts as Nasty as Possible: RS
NBC lays down covering fire for Woodward Attacks: Ace

Extortionist in Chief: Thomas
Woodward at War: Politico
John Kerry starts his new job doing what he does best: RWN

Department of No Homeland Security: Border Patrol Union Local 2544: MagNote
Rep. Poe to DHS' Napolitano: Explain your Organized Jailbreak: Breitbart
CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson May Get A Personal Threat After This: Tatler

Your Daily Does of "John Boehner is Useless": Ace
Hilarity: Jim Moran to Hold Gun Violence Forum: LibertyZone
Dems ramp up push for assault weapons ban, face headwinds from states: Fox


So Much Government Growth, So Much Spending To Cut: IBD
Maxine Waters: Sequester will cost 170 million Americans their jobs: Malkin
Obama's Sequester Math: $300B In New Taxes Called 'Spending Cuts': IBD

Projected Growth in Unpaid Bills Shows Illinois on Path to Total Breakdown: NB
Bernanke’s Defense of Fed Policies Neither Comforting nor Convincing: Foundry
What Bernanke Didn't Say About Housing (And Everything Else): Mish

Scandal Central

Creepy: Obama OFA Responds To Being Caught Using Spambots on Twitter To Push Gun Control: WZ
High-flying Holder: Report shows AG, FBI director used luxury jets for personal travel: Fox
Chicago public schools may start sex ed in kindergarten: Fox

Climate & Energy

California is "greening" itself toward a third world electrical grid: WyBlog
Domestic Oil Production At Record Level Despite Obama: IBD
Goracle Calls Marco Rubio “Pitiful” And “Dangerous”: WZ


Lanny Davis: Obama White House Threatened Washington Times Over My Column: Times
Liberal Claws Come Out To Rip Bob Woodward: Glob
Cuomo the Elitist Hypocrite Snake: LibertyZone

Exclusive: The Woodward, Sperling emails revealed: Politico
Why Bob Woodward's Fight With The White House Matters to You: Fournier
When Jay Carney liked hard-nosed Bob Woodward: WaPo

Massive Turnout at Council Meeting After Lib Alderman Slams “Psychotard” Gun Owners: GWP
Conservatives lose institutions by allowing the minnows to eat the whale: ¡No Pasarán!
Video o' the Day: Black & Right


"Hugo Chavez is Brain Dead": Fausta
Italy’s New Political Star Has Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic History: Algemeiner
Pic o' the Day: Black & Right

Agenda: How Marxists Are Grinding America Down: RS
Why Am I Not Writing?: Winter Soldier
White House slams Erdogan's Zionism remark: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Invisibility Cloak demoed at TED2013: Boing Boing
YC-Backed MYO Armband Attracts 10,000 Pre-Orders In 2 Days, Which Adds Up To $1.5M In Sales: TechCrunch
Google and Democrats deny that Google is helping Democrats: RS


Woodward Draws a Charging Foul on Team Obama: MOTUS
Obama Declares America Indefensible due to Sequestration: Cube
Dreams from my surrogate father: RWN

Image: Glock 30S Review

QOTD: "...Read "Berlin Diary" by William Shirer sometime and let's see how quick you are to dimiss the similarities between then and now. A charismatic leader who combines subtlety to manipulate his followers gradually into a mindset they never would have entertained previous to the leader's political emergence with strong arm tactics used on all oppostion, manipulation of the media with the end game being media control and the emergence of a "Boogy Man" group to blame and use as a scape goat for all of the leader's policy failures. Least you be reminded that Herr Hitler was a socialist and a fan of many of the American progressive's favorite causes including eugenics." --Commenter "William" at Politico

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