Saturday, March 23, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Obamacare is Crumbling

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Obamacare is Crumbling: Kerpen
Senate Republicans Willfully and Knowingly Lie to Their Constituents: RS
GOP Can't Win Latinos Over Immigration: NatlJrnl

Rubio/McCain Amnesty Plan Could Doom Conservatism: Hawkins
DWS concerned that Sequester may cut into Royal Congressional Perqs: Ace
U.S. Senate Approves First Budget in Four Years: WSJ


Senate Democrats refuse to commit to balancing the federal budget, ever: WyBlog
Austerity: Biden's One-Night Paris Hotel Tab: $585,000: WS
SNAP! You’re on Food Stamps! How Liberal Policies Create Poverty: Sentinel

Obamacare threatens 3.2 million small business jobs: Exam
IRS boldly spends $60,000 on ‘Star Trek’ training video: Twitchy
Maine to HHS: 10 Years of Medicaid Help & A Global Waiver, Please: Forbes

Vid: Cultural Marxists Screaming At Each Other Like Mental Patients: Ace
It’s Time To Bust Up the Big Banks: Rasmussen
Health Insurers Warn on Premiums: WSJ

Scandal Central

Muslim with ties to 9/11 attacks living in U.S., virtually immune from deportation: JihadWatch
In land of legal abortion, Gosnell case is no big deal: Pundette
‘Jesus Stomping’ Professor is Democrat Party Vice-Chairman in Palm Beach County, FL: Tatler

Climate & Energy

EPA illegally collects personal farm data, then releases it to environmental extremist groups: Scoop
One Year Ago Today, Obama Promised to Expedite Keystone XL: Tatler


Hannity is right, Coulter couldn’t be more wrong: Kuznicki
World's Dumbest Blogger Matt Yglesias Hates Private Property, Buys Million Dollar House: Tatler
#SaveTheStaffers: Twitter serves up delicious mockery of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s starving staff: Twitchy


Palestinians: We Hate You, So Please Pay Us More: Gatestone
Hamas Calls Obama “Jewish Organ Grinder’s Monkey”: Sooper
RIOTS IN CAIRO: Muslim Brotherhood & Opposition Face Off in Bloody Clashes: GWP

Obama Looks to Reduce U.S. Nuclear Defenses Without Senate Approval: WZ
Experience Mexico as Mexicans Experience America: MB
Cyprus Approves Capital Controls in Rush to Secure Bailout: Bloomberg

Sci-Tech (courtesy

US Gov't To Scan More Civilian Infrastructure Traffic: Slashdot
Whois Anchor Panda: CrowdStrike
Naked Human Bodies Jumping Up and Down in 2000FPS Is Not Flattering (NSFW): Gizmodo


A collection of the World's Largest: CDN
Dreidel Dee, Dreidel Dumb: MOTUS
Our Old Classic Fears Translated Into Modern Technology Nightmares: Gizmodo

Image: Guns Save Lives
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QOTD: "What was widely viewed as an ill-conceived Cyprus deal last weekend renewed fears of a re-escalation of the euro debt crisis. The original proposal to hit insured depositors below €100k caused a bank run and set a new precedent in the course of the Euro area debt crisis, with potential negative consequences for bank deposits not only in Cyprus but also in other peripheral countries. Once again, as it happened with the Greek crisis last May, the Cyprus crisis exposes the fragmentation of the deposit guarantee schemes in the Euro area and its inconsistency with a monetary union.

Even if the original deal is eventually revised and the guarantee for depositors with less than €100k is respected, the damage from the original proposal will be difficult to undo, in our view...

...In what we view as another ill-conceived and ill-timed move, the Spanish Minister of Finance & Public Administration announced this week a tax or bank levy (probably 0.2%) to be imposed on bank deposits, without details on which deposits will be affected or timing.

This is adding to the Cypriot crisis in sparking deposit outflow risks." --JPMorgan

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