Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Dispatches from the Memory Hole

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Dispatches from the Memory Hole: Driscoll
No Guns, No School: Liberal Racism In Obama's Chicago: IBD
Bloomberg's bodyguards to carry guns in Bermuda, overriding its laws:

Chief Justice Roberts Meet Obamacare: NoisyRm
NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Government has right to ‘infringe on your freedom’: RWN
More embarrassment for Bloomberg’s anti-gun mayors group: CFP

Mark Kelly’s ‘Assault Weapon’ Purchase Rescinded By Dealer: GraniteGrok
Harry Reid's about to get a letter, and he's not going to like it: Blaze
Obama Calls For “Political Courage” To Ram Amnesty Down Our Throats: WZ


Obamacare Isn't Forever, But What's Next Is Worse: Power Line
Teachers Unions Panic as Walker Moves to Grow School Vouchers: Greenfield
Slovenia Under Pressure; Risk of Next Cyprus Already at Hand: Mish

Cyprus Border Guards Seizing Money From Suitcases: Ace
Real estate market’s demographic problem: “the most depressing” chart ever: LI
Diversity Commission is Abuse of Taxpayer and Tuition Funds: Caffeinated

Scandal Central

Army Captain Demands DHS Give Up Their Weapons Of War: FreedomOutpost
Justice attorneys wary of Perez’s nomination for Labor, cite ‘most devastating indictment’: Times
Exclusive: Congressional Ethics Probe Adds to Michele Bachmann’s Political Woes: Beast

Climate & Energy

Obama Administration Plans to Spend $150 Million for Green Energy Projects : Foundry


Why Liberals Still Detest Fox News: Commentary
Wayne LaPierre Cleaned Nanny Bloomberg’s Clock on Meet The Press, Yesterday: Nice Deb
Note to press: Barack Obama is HIDING from you.: Moe Lane

Ageism In Strangest Places: Driscoll
Imam plots to block Pamela Geller’s talk on sharia at Long Island synagogue: Creeping
About Rule 5s and Female Bloggers: MagNote

Noted Anti-Semite Believes That Hostility to Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Agitation is Probably Anti-Semitic: Ace
Flashback: Al Sharpton Led Marchers Chanting “Kill The Jews”…: WZ
Sarah Palin Rocks An NBA Game In A Chick-Fil-A T-Shirt: RWN


Cyprus, Amazing what you can do to an unarmed populace: DTG
Laiki Bank of Cyprus Closed With Billions in Losses... But Losses on What?: TAB
What to look for in the Cyprus deal: Marginal Revolution

'Syrian army no longer in control of Israel border region': Hayom
Little Outcry as Saudis Bulldoze Islam's Holiest Shrines: IPT
Muslims Pressing for Blasphemy Laws in Europe: Gatestone

€urosclerosis: Cyprus, and Spain: First Street Journal
Another "Euro Is Saved" Moment in Pictures: Mish
An apology to Prime Minister Erdogan: Matzav

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue.com/Tech)

10 Ways Samsung's Galaxy S4 Is Better Than The iPhone 5 (AAPL): SFGate
A Transaction Tax is Not The Solution To HFT: P&F
Don't make users a security punching bag: DarkReading


'Soup Commie' Bloomberg Denounces 'Food Freedom' as Bourgeois Oppression: Cube
The Best Quotes From “Citizen K: The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin”: RWN
7 words guaranteed to make you a better writer: The Week

Image: The People's Cube
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QOTD: "Human beings are social creatures; we form and dissolve bonds as insignificant as marketplace transactions to bonds as formal as constitutions, laws, and treaties between tribes and nations. All people belonging to a group have accepted a social contract to live within the laws of their group, tribe, or nation… but what if the nation’s governors no longer acts within the bonds they has set for the nation? What should a people do, when the government has become irrevocably compromised, or corrupted, or tyrannical?

....The people of Cyprus have the right to revolt against their government for this outright theft. They may protest peacefully. They may protest violently. They may even wage an insurrection if it comes to it, and they would be morally justified in doing so.

The government of Cyprus failed in its stewardship of the nation’s finances, and they failed to be good trustees. When a trust fails, it is right that it be dissolved." --Bob Owens

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