Saturday, March 30, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Scolds Nation for Insufficient Gun Control Fervor

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Obama Scolds Nation for Insufficient Gun Control Fervor: TAG
Obama and Bloomberg try to pressure Senate Dems on gun control?: Lott
Utah Sheriffs Association to Obama: From Our Cold Dead Hands: Breitbart

Beating Thy Enemy II: the Media (conclusion; operating within the tent): Dewey
Obamacare facilitates voter registration and intimidation: Breitbart
SICK: Planned Parenthood Official Argues for Right to Post-Birth Abortion: WS

Friday Free-For-All: Hillary’s Benghazi Lies Unraveling?: Nice Deb
Obama To Continue His Finger Wagging Tour On Gun Control In Denver: RWN
Mark Levin: Obama is Trying to Nationalize Our Election Process: Townhall


Cyprus: Can It Happen Here?: Sowell
Food stamp rolls explode after Obama loosens rules: Exam
$100 Million Loan: SCC

The Student loan crisis keeps getting worse: AT
ACLJ, Sekulow Call in Sequester Of Anti-American Muslim Brotherhood: RWN
Marc Faber on why This Disaster is Different: JohnGaltFla

Scandal Central

Labor Department Sued for “Stonewalling” Hilda Solis-Illegal Alien Records: JW
Nixon has won Watergate: Turley
Homeland Security Demands “Obedience” in Message to Agents: NewAm

Climate & Energy

Climate Change Endgame In Sight?: Power Line
Energy gap leaves Britain freezing in the dark: Exam
EPA Plans to Require Cleaner Gas: Could Hike Gas Prices $0.10 a Gallon: WSJ


Associated Press: Newtown gunman was equipped with tiny shotgun with 6-foot tall magazines: Owens
Jon Stewart Goes Off on Obama’s Incompetence and Broken Promises to Fix the VA Backlogs: Clash
Cheney: “Preventing this president from enacting devastating policies is not obstructionism. It is patriotism.”: Scoop

Benjamin Carson Smeared on Polygamy Comments, Yet Justice Sotomayor Raised Same Concerns: AmPower
Carson Willing to Step Down as Commencement Speaker After Protests: NewsMax
“Being Biden.” It’s a Gift, Harry.: MOTUS

Piers Morgan’s Ratings In The Toilet After Gun Control Rants: RWN
Horrifying NYT Article Praises Jim McGreevey, Absolves Him of His Sins, Just For Being Gay: Ace
Time Magazine, Concern-Trolling for Holy Thursday: "Can Your Child Be Too Religious?": Ace


Islamists enter military in Egypt as part of Muslim Brotherhood effort to take control, US says: WFB
After U.S. Unblocks Aid to Palestinians, Abbas Flouts U.S. Wishes by Advancing Push for Statehood: CNS
Obama's nightmare of a second term: AT

Muslim "Secret" Courageously Outed: Gatestone
Greeks find cause of all their woes: the Jews: Times of Israel
First Civil Union Between Three Partners in Brazil Sparks Outrage: NOM Blog (2012)

Mexican Cartel Captures Rivals, Then Dismembers and Boils Men and Women in Acid: Borderland Beat
So Long, Yankees! China And Brazil Ditch US Dollar In Trade Deal Before BRICS Summit: IB Times
Jim Rogers: 'Run for the Hills,' I'm Doing It: Yahoo! Finance

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Where Have All The Physical QWERTYs Gone?: TechCrunch
Smartphone running 'Facebook OS' said to debut next week: Register
Here’s Why You Hate Your Cable Company: AllThingsD


Everything you ever wanted to know about progressives part 562.84: Sondrakistan
FPSRussia Home Raided by ATF: Guns
FBI 'flying saucers' NM memo bureau's most viewed: AP

Image: Sondrakistan
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QOTD: "The grotesque mishandling of Britain's energy policy by politicians of all parties, as they chase their childish chimeras of CO2-induced global warming and windmills, has been arguably the greatest act of political irresponsibility in our history." --London Daily Telegraph

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