Sunday, March 17, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Benjamin Carson: How “Someone” in the White House would try to Destroy the Nation

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Carson: How 'someone' in White House could destroy the nation: FreeLight
Benjamin Carson to retire from medicine, considering WH run: ViralRead
Conservative Rockstar Carson Excites CPAC With 2016 Talk: Mediaite

Son of Sequester!: RWN
CPAC: Ted Cruz urges conservatives to stand up for the Constitution: Times
The United States of Jail: John Galt FLA

Rand Paul wins The Washington Times-CPAC 2013 Straw Poll: Times
"Or Readily Converted": OG&M
Michael Bloomberg's gun control group greatly expands staff: Lott


Motor City Mobius Loop: Driscoll
Obama: Our Out-of-Control Debt Is ‘Sustainable’ for the Next Decade: Blumer
Singular Cal: City Journal

Cyprus: IMF Goes Directly After Bank Depositor Money: EPJ
Top 10 Things to Say to an Obama Voter Who Just Got Laid-Off: Reaganite
New York City's Soda Ban Is Dead: Reason

Scandal Central

Surprise! Colorado Big Gun Magazine Bill Could Ban Almost All Mags: STACLU
The Chevy Volt: Not Only a Bad Investment but Now a Tool for Fraud!: NakedDC
Liberals only protect the constitutional rights they agree with: Times

Climate & Energy

Global Warming is BS: P&F
The Great Green Con no. 1: The hard proof global warming is a documented, formal scam: Daily Mail
EPA may delay proposed greenhouse gas limits for power plants: WaPo


Being White in Philly: PhillyMag
The City of Chicago Declared War on Cop Bloggers!: CrimeFileNews
Sacred mystery: Blockbuster ratings for ‘The Bible’ confound Hollywood: Times

Sarah Palin’s Speech at CPAC 2013 – ‘President Obama, Step Away From the Teleprompter and Do Your Job’: FNI
Olbermanning Yourself Out of the Business: Driscoll
Why is this heroic armed citizen coming to the aid of a police officer not in the national news?: Winter Soldier

Fed Report Shows That Economy Is Not Better Than a Year Ago, AP Naturally Ignores Evidence: Blumer
Tweet of the Day: Driscoll
Even Democrats Starting to Wake Up to the Fact that Obama Is As Bad As Bush... Or Worse: ZH


Hussein of Jerusalem: Sultan Knish
This is the Face of a Terror Victim: Matzav
Judge strikes down secrecy provision of controversial counterterrorism orders: NBC

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Non-Microsoft security flaws the ones to watch, Secunia analysis finds: TechWorld
The Marcott-Shakun Dating Service: ClimateAudit
Oregon Company to Sell Drone Defense Technology to Public: USNews


Obama Drone: SHN
Organize This, America!: MOTUS
St. Patrick's Day Party: Glob

Image: An elderly man walks away from a shuttered co-operative bank in Cyprus
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QOTD: "Buckle up.

I've been around for little over 60 yrs - the changes I have seen disgusting and so sad. The freedoms that have slipped away / taken the decay of our society, truly disheartening. And still they keep coming. Wanting more and more on every level. and yet so many sleep. Or take from our contributions.

My mother is still kicking at 94. She went thru WW2, helped build B-17s. That generation is aware. She said the first time she saw him, "I've seen this before - in 1939. The same arrogance, Finger pointing, Elevated stage looking down at you, so you have to look up at the one. So self absorbed, disdainful."

It's palpable - that there is something wrong and yet our learless feaders keep going along." --Email from B.B.

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