Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Ultimate Survival, Prepper, Economic Collapse and SHTF News Site: BadBlue Prep

You don't have to be a conspiracy nut to recognize that we live in perilous times.

Europe, with its decades of deficit spending and ill-conceived monetary union, is nearing a final reckoning. The United States has passed the historically significant mark of a 90 percent debt-to-GDP ratio, which means an economic decline is all but certain.

Iran will soon deploy its first nuclear weapons, North Korea is threatening ICBM attacks on the United States itself, Russia resembles the old Soviet Union more and more each day, and the People's Republic of China is engaging in a massive military buildup.

We will get through these things: Americans always do. But the possibilities of economic dislocation, market instability, bank runs, and supply chain disruptions are real. And so the choice is simple: do you take simple precautions for yourself, your family, and your neighborhood? Do you anticipate temporary glitches in the fabric of infrastructure we take for granted? Do you plan ahead?

Or are you a drone?

BadBlue Prep -- -- is a news site specifically designed to keep you current on the news that matters most. From preparing for a natural disaster, to survival skills, and everything in between, BadBlue Prep gives you the critical information you need to stay a step ahead.

Are you ready?


K-Bob said...

I actually love the fact that you built a prep-related aggregator. Good idea. I will definitely check in from time to time.

I just wish that the prepper sites were less focused on the infowars kind of stuff, and more on the old, American ethic of simply being prepared.

Bubba said...

In agreement with K-Bob, way too many links to infowars, lewrockwell and other nutjob sites.

Not comfortable passing this one on.

directorblue said...


I noticed those too. The site needs some tuning, no doubt.

Remember, the BadBlue sites are all automated (no human editing).

Give it a shot tomorrow and let me know what you think. Thanks