Sunday, March 31, 2013

15 Funniest Staged Kim Jong-un Military Photos

I don't know where these photos came from (they were emailed to me without attribution), but my guess is they don't do what they're supposed to do. That is, if the intent was to strike fear into the hearts of imperialistic running-dog lackeys otherwise known as Americans.

"So if you hit the asteroid with one of your missiles, it breaks apart like this."

"I'll be damned!  It is David Hasselhoff!"

"Hey, schmucks: does the lack of tread-marks anywhere on this field mean what I think it does?"

"So I sang, 'Stop -- in the name of love', and then I shot her for calling me husky." 

"Pssst. Who's gonna tell fattie he needs to sit in the middle?"

"Really?  Really?  Rodman stole my nets and left a dump on the court?"

"This way to our heavily fortified sand-fort, Dear Leader!"

"A stainless steel AK-47 with collapsible stock?  Chuck Schumer just wet his pants!"

"Your excellency, your drool is interfering with the operation of the sensor."

"Damn, good work, Lester. I didn't know there were five overstuffed babes left in the DPRK!"

"Sarah Palin was right. I really can see Russia from here."

"It's called Viagra, can you believe it?"

"Seriously, after I took the blue pill it was like this long."

"Does it bother any of you that I'm literally twice as fat as anyone here?
Because it's not that I eat anything I want, it's just that I'm big-boned."

"So long, and thanks for all the fish!"


Anonymous said...

In the one with Un holding the pistol the guy on the right has a passport. Pretty Ballsy!

Anonymous said...

I would definately tell the ChiComs to get a handle on that rice eating, fudge packing boy named Kim or we will default on our loans.