Thursday, March 21, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: How About Fighting, Schmucks?

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How About Fighting, Schmucks?: NRO
'Curtis Is Our Guy': RSM
Harry Reid is a despicable human being: BlackFive

The Blob That Ate Chidlren: RWN
All Good Soviets New Yorkers Inform: Pagun
OFA's Latest Totally Non-Partisan Blog Post: WZ

Oops; Cuomo's Gun Ban Law Mandates Non-Existent Products: WZ
Reid kills Feinstein AW ban, making it even more dangerous: Owens
Perry to Announce Possible 2016 Presidential Run: Shark Tank


‘Not One Dime’: Health Care Law Projected to Add $6.2T to Deficit: AEI
Actual Good News: Teachers Union Lost 70,000 Members Last Year: WZ
Magpul to Colorado: We’re Outta Here: Tatler

America' Big, Fat Advantage: Hanson
Chief Actuary for Social Security: Raid the Retirement Fund!: ZH
Fed's $4 Trillion Question: Where's the Exit Door?: CNBC

Scandal Central

Politico: Menendez donor flew Reid on his private jet, too: Hot Air
Beware of A Trojan Horse Surrender on MSR Ban: AmmoLand
JPMorgan Chase, MF Global trustee reach $546M settlement: Hill

Climate & Energy

Climategate 3.0: More Mike Mann Emails Hit the Internet: Tatler
Spring global warming prayer: No más, Lord, no más: JPA
Republicans take aim at another EPA administrator over using a private email account: DC


Benghazi-gate Cover-up: Fox News’ Catherine Herridge Receives AIM’s Reed Irvine Award: AIM
Too bad the budget isn’t an NCAA bracket: President Priorities makes Final Four picks: Twitchy
Stimulus Package: $384,949 on Duck Genitalia Study: CNS

ABC, CBS and NBC Avoid Obama Administration’s Dereliction on Missile Defense: MRC
When Dave Weigel Says The Tea Party Is Dead That Means JournoList Still Lives: Glob
PETA killed more than 1,600 cats and dogs at its Virginia headquarters last year: Daily Mail

Big Three Networks Ignore Abortion Doc Who Snipped Babies’ Necks: LifeNews
He kept severed feet in jars but escaped mainstream media coverage: Gosnell trial continues: Twitchy
Actor Nick Searcy blasts race card playing grievance-mongers: ‘Punch back’ at ‘race hustling bullies’: Twitchy


This One I dread: GoV
Narcissus In The Promised Land: Joshua
Saudi Arabia Gets "Trusted Traveler" Status from Janet Napolitano: Elephant

Seven Myths About ‘Women in Combat’: FPM
How Stalin Fooled the World and Why It Matters Today: FPM
Bank run expert: Cyprus' plan was 'absurd': Fortune

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Did Microsoft bribe foreign governments for software deals?: The Week
Gender gap? In tech salaries, it's all gone, Dice reports: PC World
AT&T 'hacker' a victim of over-zealous legal system: ITnews Australia


Through the teeth and over the gums, Look out Bibi here he comes!: MOTUS
Things you see on the way to the office: PredatorBDU
The Audacity of Notes: Love Letters from Obama Campaign: Cube

Josie goes to #CPAC2013: Quinton Report
An Abrupt Transition: Quinton Report
Oldest undergraduate tenaciously pursues his bachelor's: Purdue Exponent

Image: Urlacher, Bears Part Ways
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QOTD: "You’re sound asleep when you hear a thump outside your bedroom door. Half-awake, and nearly paralyzed with fear, you hear muffled whispers.

At least two people have broken into your house and are moving your way. With your heart pumping, you reach down beside your bed and pick up your shotgun... You rack a shell into the chamber, then inch toward the door and open it. In the darkness, you make out two shadows.

One holds something that looks like a crowbar. When the intruder brandishes it as if to strike, you raise the shotgun and fire.

The blast knocks both thugs to the floor. One writhes and screams while the second man crawls to the front door and lurches outside.

As you pick up the telephone to call police, you know you’re in trouble. In your country, most guns were outlawed years before, and the few that are privately owned are so stringently regulated as to make them useless..

Yours was never registered." --Jaz McKay, "How They Disarmed Our British Cousins"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bob Owens' piece is especially valuable. Getting rid of Feinstein's draconian proposals is not cause for rejoicing if they pass the lesser ones.

What part of "shall not be infringed" do these idiots not understand?

BTW, the state of Kansas lost a little tourist business thanks to their refusal to honor Iowa's CCW permits, even though we honor theirs. Upcoming trip to Dallas will stay within the borders of Missouri until the welcoming confines of Oklahoma are reached. Kansas loses the price of lunch and a fill-up. Not much but it's the best I can do.