Friday, March 15, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: “Boehner: GOP a ‘minority party’”

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“Boehner: GOP a ‘minority party’”: Protein Wisdom
A political party that panders to demographics is a party destined to lose: Rush
Auntie Zeituni Gripes About the Accommodations on Her Free Ride: RWN

Obama couldn’t eat at Hill meeting without food ‘taster’: DC
Apparently Bill Gates is dumber than I thought: WZ
The Escape and Roundup of the Sheep: The Civil Libertarian

Detroiters Pledge Uprising During State Takeover: MCM
Obama the Bully slaps the taste out of House Dem's mouth: Roll Call
Unfit For Office: Thomas Perez As Labor Secretary: IBD


Under Obamacare, Young Families Could See 189% Premium Hikes: AEI
One Man’s Fight Against Union Power: Mish
Pelosi Will Balance the Budget Over Her Dead Body: CNS

Marxism in Education: Schools Poisoned by 'Common Core Standards': Loudon
Surprise: Senate Democrats Want Another $1.5 Trillion Tax Increase: Foundry
Rick Perry: Why can’t rest of country balance it’s budget like Texas?: RedAlert

Sen. Robert Menendez a subject of grand jury investigation: Moe Lane
Another Hidden Obamacare Nugget About To Whack Big Employers: Tatler
Michael Moore says ‘capitalism is a crime.’ Shall we lock him up?: Twitchy

Scandal Central

Top US Admiral: Mythical Global Warming Is Top Military Threat: MB
Mark Kelly’s ‘AR-15 Stunt’ Provokes Giffords Gun Photos Leak: AmmoLand
What We Still Don’t Know About Benghazi: Foundry

Climate & Energy

Marcott’s hockey stick uptick mystery – it didn’t used to be there: Watts
The EPA: The Worst Of Many Rogue Federal Agencies: Forbes
Simple questions for Bill McKibben and Peter Gleick – with comic relief from Bill Nye: Watts


“Nothing On This Green Earth Liberal Progressives Fear More” Than A Conservative “Black American”: WZ
Mark Kelly's AR-15 Stunt Prompts Giffords Photo Leak: Breitbart
Pamela Geller to Speak at CPAC: Atlas

Reuters Social Media Director Charged: Helped Anonymous To Hack And Alter Tribune Site: WZ
Losing it: Dianne Feinstein compares common firearms to child pornography: Owens
Obama Says He Fantasizes About Putting On A Fake Mustache And Going Put To Bars In Tel Aviv: WZ

Obama's Brackets: RWN
Coulter Destroys Feinstein Over Cruz Debate On Hannity: Mediaite
Bongino: “No Such Thing as Gun Control…It’s People Control”: Loudon


Military Doesn't Need To Worry About Climate Change: IBD
Protesters battle cops in Brooklyn streets for third night in a row; 16-year-old Kimani Gray shot in the back: NYDN
'Assassination attempt' of Kim Jong-un could explain calls for war: Express

Obama goes limp on Assad: Times of Israel
Osama has almost won. Thanks for helping.: Owens
Texas School Teaches 9-11 Hijackers Were “Freedom Fighters”: Western

Sci-Tech (courtesy

CERN release preliminary results: particle looking 'more and more like a Higgs boson': Engadget
Illinois Scientists Find Rare, 600-Year-Old Coin in Kenya: AP
Samsung Announces New Flagship Galaxy S 4 Competitor to Apple's iPhone: MacRumors


Dying Time: TL in Exile
Without Artifice and Illusion, We Got Nothing: MOTUS
Full Speech: Allen West at CPAC 013: Scop

Image: Moonbattery: Top US Admiral: Mythical Global Warming Is Top Military Threat
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QOTD: "The first glimpses I got behind the scenes did little to garner my trust in the state of climate science — on the contrary. I found myself in front of a choice that just might have a global impact.

Briefly put, when I had to balance the interests of my own safety, privacy\career of a few scientists, and the well-being of billions of people living in the coming several decades, the first two weren’t the decisive concern.

It was me or nobody, now or never. Combination of several rather improbable prerequisites just wouldn’t occur again for anyone else in the foreseeable future. The circus was about to arrive in Copenhagen. Later on it could be too late.

Most would agree that climate science has already directed where humanity puts its capability, innovation, mental and material “might”. The scale will grow ever grander in the coming decades if things go according to script. We’re dealing with $trillions and potentially drastic influence on practically everyone.

Wealth of the surrounding society tends to draw the major brushstrokes of a newborn’s future life. It makes a huge difference whether humanity uses its assets to achieve progress, or whether it strives to stop and reverse it, essentially sacrificing the less fortunate to the climate gods." --Unknown author and person who released the Climategate 3.0 email treasure trove

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