Friday, March 15, 2013

What the Democrat Party Told Me

They told me that allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons would turn our streets into rivers of blood.

They told me that taking trillions of dollars from the successful and giving it to those "who truly needed it" would cure poverty.

They told me that giving home loans to those who couldn't afford them would make the American dream achievable for all.

They told me that paying into the Social Security "Trust Fund" would guarantee a comfortable retirement for everyone.

They told me that allowing teachers to unionize in public schools would help inner city students reach for the stars.

They told me that the federal government could run a guaranteed, affordable health care program for seniors forever.

They told me that the new employment paradigm consisted of millions of "green jobs".

They told me that their support for immoral and criminal behavior wouldn't result in the breakdown of the two-parent family.

They told me that spending trillions on Stimulus programs would heal a damaged economy.

They told me that raising taxes on corporations and "the rich" would create more jobs.

They told me that our borders were "as secure as they've ever been".

They told me that intentionally restricting access to our own sources of energy would reduce dependence on foreign oil.

They told me that recklessly spreading unemployment benefits and food stamps would jump-start the economy.

They told me that, in spite of the VA and the Indian Health Service, they could successfully run the entire American health care system.

They told me that their record-breaking borrowing could never result in a downgrade of the United States' AAA credit rating.

They told me that "the Constitution doesn't matter".

They told me that the Constitution has to change with the times.

They told me that I exist to serve the government and not the other way around.

They told me that anyone who opposes their unconstitutional, reckless and failed policies are racists.

Well, I'm here to tell you:

Everything they told me was a lie.

Everything they told me was wrong.

Intentionally, diabolically, criminally wrong.

And if we don't begin to turn back the tide of centralized government, if we don't politically obliterate the Democrat Party, this beautiful Republic, this magnificent country, this bastion of free enterprise and private property rights, this shining city on a hill... well, it will be finished.

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Anonymous said...

Well said. The unfortunate, sad, regrettable state of affairs. As someone raised during the Reagan years, someone who has seen the USA survive and overcome the dot-com bubble and 9/11, I am now witnessing the demise of my country. We must stop this. We must rise up and not allow the horrible democrats to continue this desecration of everything American. Please, don't sit quietly and do nothing...DO SOMETHING!!!

Walt said...

The last election tells us that a whole lot of people trust that what they've been told is reliable. The problem isn't really with the socialist bandits and fellow travelers currently in charge. Looks like a bunch a noses are about to be rubbed in it and things are gonna get real bad before they get better.

iri said...

I fear it's too late for ballots. Just who in hell do you think you're going to vote for? The latest flavor, color or sex of the day that makes pretty noises you like to hear?

The real Enemy has been attacking us since a man first said a Christian prayer on this continent. In my humble opinion all you idealistic conservative heathens need to come to Jesus,, literally. Look how radically people have changed in just the past 30 years!!

The Filthy Left are not that smart or remotely capable of destroying us from the INSIDE OF EACH PERSON as has been done. Nope, not without some very serious help my friends. You are going to lose everything. Pray for a genuine Christian revival in this country then get out there and talk to somebody about it.

Anonymous said...

Hard not to wonder where the folks who post this sort of commentary were back in the late '90s.

Oh wait, no, I remember where all the "thoughtful" conservatives were back then. They were busy ridiculing those of us who were pointing out how the left were destroying education, dumbing down the electorate, devaluing our currency, selling us out to the Chinese and destroying everything else this Republic depended on.

For our trouble and our willingness to stand up, we were demonized as "anti-government", "survivalists", "militia members", "gun nuts", "conspiracy whack-os" and every other irrelevant, erroneous label the "thoughtful" right could dream up to avoid taking a stand and taking action.

Well guess what folks: it's way too late to lament the "coming" loss of the Republic. That ship finally sailed last November.

So G-d help you.

- goy

Anonymous said...

Some of it is over population combined and promoted by excess prosperity. People who would ordinarily fall victim to natural selection instead survive in an artifical environment. Unfortunately they also vote.
An alternative to allowing useless people a voice in the body politic would be restriction of the franchise to persons who can show basic literacy and an informed investment in the survival of the nation. This might mean literacy tests and/or a substantial poll tax or other rational criteria not based on ethnicity or other artificial factors.
Right now, a person can go through probate court and be found incapable of managing his personal affairs or providing the most basic needs for survival and still be deemed competent to vote. That's just how little the franchise means now and the result is that we have low over-entitled vermin electing liars who promise them the greatest joy.

iri said...

Good job Goy, just added your site to my favorites. Thanks.