Sunday, March 24, 2013

WARMAL COLDING: United Kingdom suffers longest winter in 50 years, deep freeze said responsible for 5,000 deaths

The chubby grifter Al "Gorezeera" Gore hardest hit.

[England] is on track to suffer its coldest March in more than 50 years as conservationists warned that the prolonged winter weather was damaging wildlife... The unrelenting cold weather is showing no signs of slowing this week as snow continues to fall across the North.

...Friday will see a return of heavier snow storms, which will spread further south to the Midlands. The Central England Temperature – covering an area bounded by Lancashire, Bristol and London – shows temperatures have been 2.8C lower than normal for the month.

The last time March was so cold was in 1962, when the average temperature was 2.4C (36F) – or 4.1C below the norm...

Every prediction made by the climate crooks has been wrong. They can't tell us what the weather will be on Wednesday, but they can predict what will happen to temperatures decades from now?

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Doom said...

When they start doing accounting, and realize how much through unfunded mandates, such people have cost Americans, I have to think actual criminal charges must be considered against some of these people.

They have to know the "science" was fraudulent. They continue to use unscientific, hell unethical, methods. And, if I would guess, the reason was specifically to force manufacturing overseas, as with jobs, as a form of international welfare... at best... which isn't a good enough reason, considering how much criminal mischief and disinformation was employed to make it happen.

Some people need to be put in prison for the rest of their natural lives. I'm not sure the mobs, if they actually figure it out, will offer such a torturous sentence, mind you. Nor, perhaps, should they.