Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: The Obama Credo

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The Obama Credo: Stella Paul
A Cup of Soda in Hell: Sultan Knish
Where Do Criminals Get Guns?: Extrano's Alley

Government schools and the culture of cowering: Pundette
First Look at the 2014 Ryan Budget: Foundry
CO Senate Democrats Pass Controversial Gun Control Bill: GWP

We Have Language for S. 374, the Transfer Ban: Pagun
New York Counties Work to Repeal State Gun Control Laws: NewAm
Obama's Desire: Mining Gazette


Obamacare: First You Pass It, Then You Learn What It Does: Mead
Vulnerable Incumbent Democrats Leery of Budget: RS
Five Guys Franchise Owner: Obamacare to Hike Burger Prices: Inquisitr

Defunding Obamacare is This Easy: RS
Another Gun-Free Zone That Won’t See My Money: LibertyZone
Small Businesses Continue to Air — and Vent — Obamacare Opinions: CNBC

House GOP's 10 Year Balanced Budget Plan: Ace
Detroit: What Democrats Do: RSM
The EPA: An Impediment to Economic Recovery: Foundry

Scandal Central

Rep. Frank Wolf: We need a Select Committee to get to the bottom of Benghazi: Scoop
Obama Lets China Steal Top Secret NASA Technology?: Western
Breaking: DOJ Inspector General Report Details Racialist Practices Inside Eric Holder's Domain: Adams

Climate & Energy

“Climate change” cools off: RS
Whoops! Green Cars Not So Green: STACLU
EPA Nominee Gina McCarthy Has A History Of Misleading Congress: Forbes


Mark Levin: I’m convinced the House GOP leadership has a Republican deathwish: Scoop
Howard Kurtz Beclowns Himself Yet Again: Twitchy
Can Poor People Be Trusted With Guns?: Lott

White House Aide: Reaching Out to Republicans a 'Joke,' Stunt for Media: WS
"Who's That Ugly Dwarf With His Hand In Your Mouth?": Preemptive Offenses
‘Pour it on!’: New York Post celebrates Nanny Bloomberg’s supersized failure: Twitchy

"The Sickest News Story Ever": Atlas
J. Christian Adams on the damning IG report on dysfunction and racism in DOJ: Scoop
Future Kentucky Sen. Puffy Face: Everything She Doesn’t Like Is Rape: RSM


Chaos from the Sky: Why the EMP Threat Is Real: Foundry
REYNOSA: The Truth of The Government...and the Real Truth: Borderland
China's "Hogwash" Getting Worse As Floating Dead Pigs Rise To 3300, Pig Virus Found: ZH

South Africa – Gun Registration Has Led to Gun Confiscation in Two Short Years: GWP
Chavez successor tells Venezuelans to 'voluntarily disarm': Commentator
Obama Trying to Deport Homeschooling Family: Publius

Defense Department Fights Climate Change on Two Fronts: Roll Call
Ted Cruz: Let’s Hope Fidel and Raul Castro Join Hugo Chavez and Die Soon: RWN
Forbes Finally Calls 'Em Out: Denninger

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Facebook Reveals Secrets You Haven't Shared: CNBC
Draft Is The Best Word Processor You Can Write With Today: TechCrunch
Intuit fixes TurboTax software after 'unacceptable' glitches affect 10,000 customers: ComputerWorld


12 Steps to World Government: American Digest
Missing MO Than I Expected: MOTUS
Hey, You Left Your Counterfeit Money Inside This Possibly Stolen Printer You’re Trying To Return!: Consumerist

Image: Bosch Fawstin: "Ted Cruz on Ayn Rand"
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QOTD: "There will come a day when sugary sodas are utterly stigmatized. There will come a day when no responsible adult will consume a soda pop, or give one to a child. But this is not that day. This day, we fight!" --Tom Maguire

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Whitehall said...

EMP? Did that Russian meteor, estimated at 500 kilotons, cause any EMP effect?

I haven't heard of any and the physical mechanisms are about the same.