Tuesday, March 05, 2013

MEET THE NEW SUPER TOILETS: I never knew toilets could be so cool

We've come a long way from the outhouse, eh?

Fancy electric high-tech toilets, which the Japanese call super toilets, can be found in more than 72 percent of Japanese households. At minimum they include a bidet feature and often a seat warmer.

High-tech features vary, but most of the toilets use electricity to provide warming, automation and bidet functions.

The Kohler Numi’s squarish, angled shape, subtle buttons and strange automatic lid make it look like it's anything but a toilet.

It has a motion-activated lid that automatically opens when anyone stands in front of it and what Kohler calls “advanced bidet functionality,” which is an integrated air dryer.

The appliance, however, goes beyond the normal functions of a toilet and adds atmosphere. It has a heated seat and even a subtle air vent that warms the floor in front of the fixture.

It even has an atmosphere light and a music player. A touch-panel remote, which attaches to the toilet with a magnetic docking station, lets you customize all the settings.

The leading super toilet maker in Japan is a company called Toto. And if you’ve ever visited a nice hotel in Japan with a Toto toilet, you know you’re not in Kansas anymore.

Toto’s most advanced toilets are sold only in Japan, with controls labeled only in Japanese. The most advanced Toto toilet you can buy in the United States is the Washlet S300.

It has a heated seat, a remote-controlled bidet feature with air drying and the option of an oscillating bidet stream of water.

Roca W+W, which stands for "washbasin plus water closet," uses advanced technology to help the environment.

The water appliance saves, filters and chemically treats the sink water you use to wash your hands and brush your teeth, then reuses that water for flushing the toilet.

The net effect is that you use the same amount of water in the sink but zero extra water for the toilet.

To be fair, you don't often think of the words toilet and innovation together.


Reaganite Republican said...

Who gives a crap lol

The_Bad said...

"To be fair, you don't often think of the words toilet and innovation together."

That's where I get all my best ideas.

Jefferson Ohio said...

Are these Al Bundy tested and approved?

K-Bob said...

Just as long as they aren't like the new, US-mandated "green" toilets, that take three or four flushes just to get all the toilet paper particles out of the bowl (let alone the results of last night's visit to Old Country Buffet).

Gypsy said...

Everyone should have one!!!! GREAT!!!!!