Saturday, November 03, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The President, the State Department and Benghazi

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The President, the State Department and Benghazi: Riehl
Benghazi Timeline: More Lies Exposed: Feldman
Most Senior Marine in Congress Sends Letter to Obama: RtPlanet

The Photo Op Presidency: Malkin
An Unpredictable End to a Very Predictable Election: Rasmussen
Barone: Going out on a limb: Romney beats Obama, handily: Exam

25,000 vs. 4,000 in Ohio: GWP
Election Bulletin: North Carolina: GayPatriot
Anti-Mourdock polling games in Indiana?: LI


NYC Residents Rage as Generators Power up Marathon Tents: JWF
Nonunion utility crews turned away from New Jersey: Scoop
New York’s Incredible Shrinking Mayor: Mead

Crispy Creme: I’ll take help from anyone--unless they’re Non Union?: DTG
4 in union truck charged with receiving stolen property?: Thurber
The Choice: Krauthammer

Scandal Central

US Intelligence knew THREE hours before Benghazi attack that terrorist group was gathering weapons: Scoop
Breaking News On The Postponed Greenwich Village Parade: iOTW
Authorities Allow Male Freakazoid to Sprawl Naked in Girls’ Locker Room: MB

Obama urges voters to take 'revenge' on Election Day, Romney team rips 'terrible' message: Fox
After Taking a Victory Lap Photo Op, Obama Leaves NE a Wasteland: Victory Lap
Obama campaigns in Vegas while New Yorkers eat from dumpsters: Flopping Aces

Climate & Energy

Great News: Obamamobiles Explode When Wet: Hayward
Hey, You Know “Climate Change Is Like Racism”: RWN


Why Jay Cost does not take polls at face value: GayPatriot
Romney supporters shout down CNN’s Jim Acosta over Libya: Red Alert
As Obama motorcade rolls by, Ohio citizens demand truth about Benghazi: Twitchy

Why Was There No October Surprise?: Zombie
Washington Post: 9 million Obama voters now Romney’s?: Moe Lane
Best. Biden Gaffe. Ever.: OTB

ABC and CBS Ignore Their Own Reporters As Benghazi Blackout Reach 7 Days: MRC
Powell: Black First, Then American?: NoisyRm
Axelrod: Obama's energy comes 'from his loins': Hill


Real News: LIBYA: THE TRUTH: NoisyRm
U.S. sold $40 billion worth of weapons to Muslim nations in 2011 (to be used against us?): Creeping
'You Have the Blood of an American Hero on your Hands': U-T San Diego

Rumsfeld Says What Everyone Is Thinking: There’s a White House Cover-Up Going On Over Benghazi: Stockton
Obama’s background: who will you vote for Tuesday?: JPA
Why didn't our president defend America and American soil when attacked?: WinSol

Sci-Tech (courtesy

How to Effectively Listen on the Social Web [Infographic]: SocMedToday
Twitter Is Trying to Be Instagram By Adding Photo Filters: Gizmodo
Restoring wired service after Sandy may take 2 weeks, Verizon says: ComputerWorld


Not content with 'Salesman of the Year', Obama wins 'Century' award...: SHN
Biden vs. Biden: NTRC
New York marathon canceled, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office says: LAT

Image: Dems Tap Radical Islamists for Cash
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QOTD: "The notion of taking one cop, one first responder, one resource, one asset and diverting it so that they stand at a post to watch runners [in the New York City Marathon] go by when we’re still searching for bodies? It’s sinful to me!" --Staten Island Councilman James Oddo

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