Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Larwyn’s Linx: America Doesn't Have a Gun Problem, It Has a Democrat Problem

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Image: The 20 Most Annoying Liberals of 2015
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ConstitutionMan: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "[Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC and Detroit] are the heartland of America’s real gun culture. It isn’t the bitter gun-and-bible clingers in McCain and Romney territory who are racking up a more horrifying annual kill rate than Al Qaeda; it’s Obama’s own voting base.

Gun violence is at its worst in the cities that Obama won in 2012. Places like New Orleans, Memphis, Birmingham, St. Louis, Kansas City and Philly. The Democrats are blaming Republicans for the crimes of their own voters.

Chicago, where Obama delivered his victory speech, has homicide numbers that match all of Japan and are higher than Spain, Poland and pre-war Syria. If Chicago gets any worse, it will find itself passing the number of murders for the entire country of Canada. " --Daniel Greenfield


Anonymous said...

Remember when Bill eliminated a good many gun dealers through excessive fees and red tape?
There is a great deal of fun to be had experimenting with different guns before settling on good choices. dRATS seem to be fixated on this issue much like a distubed person keeps rubbing their skin, washing their hands, or checking the clock. They want to limit or eliminate gun ownership when they themselves remain the most dangerous and incompetent among us.

Anonymous said...

Top 10 Husband and Wife Crime Teams.