Monday, February 07, 2011

It would appear that the NAACP is cool with blacks getting lynched, so long as the blacks getting lynched are conservatives

The horrifying, racist and violent threats repeated ad nauseum at a progressive rally in Palm Springs, California have laid bare the rank hypocrisy of legacy media.

Participants in the [Common Cause] rally were captured on video advocating the assassination of Scalia, Thomas, Thomas's wife and Chief Justice John Roberts. Two of them explicitly called for Justice Thomas, the court's only black member, to be lynched. One man also asserted that Fox News president Roger Ailes "should be strung up," adding: "Kill the bastard."

A statement from Common Cause made clear that what it called these "hateful, narrow-minded sentiments"--rather a delicate way of describing lurid calls for murder--were contrary to the corporate position of the self-styled "grassroots organization." But the [New York] Times editorial [board] expresses no disapproval of the Common Cause supporters' racist and eliminationist statements.

Of course not. While the Tea Party can be tarred as racist, violent extremists with absolutely no evidence, similarly the truly racist, violent extremists on the Left are absolved of any sins because... well, just because.

Furthermore, once proud groups like the NAACP have sacrificed their mission to advance the Democrats' agenda of racial divisiveness and class warfare. For though the progressive Left has threatened to string up Thomas, the NAACP has uttered nary a word of criticism in response. They are silent.

How far the NAACP has fallen...

In one of the greatest speeches in American history -- many historians believe it is second only to The Gettysburg Address -- King dreamed of a day when skin color was as meaningless as eye color. He said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

King supported the NAACP of his era. The group's proud tradition included fighting against the diabolical practice of lynching, supporting the civil rights struggle, and driving legislation that advanced the cause of equal rights and individual liberties.

Fast forward a few decades and we find that the NAACP has become the antithesis of King's vision. It has, in the words of the National Black Republican Association, a "racist agenda."

Today's NAACP unapologetically welcomes Louis Farrakhan, a virulent racist who preaches hatred of whites, Jews and Catholics.

Today's NAACP Chairman, Julian Bond, is a spiteful, bitter racist who despises anyone that opposes his radical Statist agenda. If you believe in the Constitution, if you believe in individual liberty and private property, then Bond's bizarre ideology brands you a racist.

At an NAACP gathering, FDA executive Shirley Sherrod "twice decried present-day racism, as if it was 400 years ago. That suggests a person whose views on race have not truly changed at all. But she doesn't stop there. [Referring to Tea Party activists,] Sherrod says, 'I haven't seen such mean-spirited people as I have seen lately over this issue, healthcare. Some of the racism we thought was buried, didn't it surface.' ...In Sherrod's world, no one is allowed to object to a significant Obama-supported policy change impacting the healthcare of all Americans without being labeled a racist."

Today, when it comes to the violent rhetoric of the progressive left -- Common Cause and similar groups -- the NAACP is silent. It is so partisan, so far afield from its original mission, that it can't bring itself to criticize threats to lynch black conservatives.

Martin Luther King wouldn't even recognize today's NAACP. It's a disgrace -- and its leaders aren't fit to be mentioned in the same breath as King.

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Anonymous said...

Another killer piece

The_Bad said...

"Martin Luther King wouldn't even recognize today's NAACP."

Considering that MLK was a Republican, today's NAACP might well have celebrated James Earl Ray (a democrat).

Anonymous said...

Does the NAACP receive any US taxpayer funding?

Anonymous said...

MLK said and did a lot of decent things, but let's not forget he had strong marxist leanings; he was a huge wealth redistribution guy.

That said, these people have diverged from him rhetorically and perhaps even spiritually. But they do share a basic philosophy.