Thursday, February 24, 2011

In the blue corner: public sector unions... bought-and-paid for Democrat hacks... and legacy media. In the red corner: the American taxpayer...

The union beat-downs of innocents continued today, proving that the violence isn't isolated. It's organized. Community organized, if you will. But maybe they can't help themselves. Maybe Sarah Palin made 'em do it.

Slapping an innocent cameraman, calling him an epithet and then threatening to sodomize him? Check.

Shoving around a 5'1" female blogger who dared to videotape a thuggish bully? Checkety-check

An SEIU thug knocking a Congressional candidate to the ground? Check. And. Mate.

Yes, this should really build a lot of sympathy and good will for the public sector union bosses who rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in dues money -- which they promptly spend on themselves and Democrat politicians in order to steal ever greater amounts of your hard-earned money.

Go pound sand.

There's no money, losers. You can raise taxes to 100% and there's still not enough to pay for your Rolls Royce pension and benefits.

Welcome to the real world.

And that goes double for you pathetic legacy media types who decried non-existent "violent rhetoric" by Sarah Palin after Tucson... but can't seem to find a single instance of actual leftist violence. What with all of your layer upon layer of fact-checking and such.

Get stuffed.


Bones said...

It would interesting to find out if these thugs actually have, or ever had, jobs doing the type of work their union represents. It's more likely they are hired muscle.
A school teacher arrested for assault may be fired, the union hall thug gets a bonus.

TimeToEndIt said...

What started out as crybabies wanting more-more-more has become a something of a civil war. The unions are now just dimwitted pawns of corrupt liberal leaders, surogates used to battle the TEA Party. This is likely to escalate into tragedy. It is time for the governors to crack down with some serious force and restore order.

jpimentel82 said...

You are completely delusional. Rolls Royce??? You must be kidding.

I teach 7 classes, 3 different subjects, 160 DIFFERENT students, and deal with their familial, emotional and social issues on a daily basis, while at the same time attempting to educate them in social sciences and current events.

I make just over $43,000 per year and I have two BA degrees and a 36 unit year-and-a-half long intensive teacher credential program which I completed while bar tending and waiting table on weeknights and weekends.

Bringing home a net pay of .68 cents for every dollar I earn, and our district having to choose last year between honoring pay-scale salary increases or paying the $200 per month increase on health care premiums do not quite fit the several descriptions of teachers I've heard from you.

Why do so many of our youth grow up saying they want to be "business men(or women)"? Do you truly think it is because they want to help people? Well, according to what i hear form my students, it's because they "want to make money". I am shocked these students have such honorable aspirations; I was fearful that some of them would aspire to be selfish, ever complaining, tax payyer ripping-off, fat-cat, self-loathing, teacher-ly type.

I honor to beauty of capitalism, while also honoring the necessity of the social programs we have in place "to promote the general welfare" and I also have great respect for the origins of the labor and union movement, which let us not forget, was a result of greedy capitalists in the first place.

You are misguided.

jpimentel82 said...

Bones: Right on. Unfortunately, this info was presented to me on the damn comedy channel. What the hell is wrong with our media? Did you hear Mr. Governor on the phone?

Planting thugs, I wonder if all these anti-union folks even HEAR THESE DETAILS.

jpimentel82 said...

Yes Mr. Governor! Crack down on these lunatics! Or wait, was that advice for Ghadafi? Alternatively, he could listen to the people. I wonder how many subsidies the farmers of Wisconsin receive? I was raised in in the heart of California's agriculture and dairy industries, I have family who are dairymen and farmers, they ALWAYS complain about the price of water, or milk, but THEY ALWAYS drive big expensive cars, travel, live in large custom homes, and have several workers on pay roll. Hell, if my wife and I (both teachers) could afford to pay a mortgage, that would be swell! Greedy? Must be us, right? Not those subsidy (TAX) guzzling, farmers...

BS Footprint said...

If you want the big bucks, I'd suggest you start being a little nicer to the boss.

BS Footprint said...

So, if these the goons are plants, then what is Michael Capuano? Or was he misquoted?

directorblue said...

@Jared - all of respect and honor good teachers.

The problems, however, with most of the teachers' unions are many:

- They serve as a monopoly for the teachers (no competition among unions in schools)
- The illegally launder tax-free dues to nearly 100% Democrat donations
- They treat all teachers the same (based on tenure, not merit)

But not to worry - the whole system's going to collapse soon, because the pension systems in many states are insolvent.

Anonymous said...

Let me understand this. Union funds Dem candidates campaign. Same Dem then sits accross the table and negotiates contracts with said union they are in debted to. Why is present on behalf of taxpayers?