Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Obama Doctrine Cheat Sheet

Just to keep everything straight in my mind... as I understand it, the Obama Doctrine consists of the president staying completely silent on:

...murders of peaceful protesters by Iran's vicious dictators
...murders of American evangelists by Somali pirates.
...Iran's continual threats to wipe America and Israel "off the face of the Earth"
...murders of Christian Copts by "freedom-loving" Egyptians
...incessant rocket attacks by Hamas into Israel
...the continued build-out of Iran's nuclear weapons program
...murders of Libyan civilians by the dictator Gaddafi
...the transit of the Suez Canal by Iranian warships in an outright provocation of Israel
...Iranian military personnel operating with impunity in Venezuela on missile technology
...a failed narco-terror state descending into civil war on our unprotected southern border
...being found in Contempt of Court by a federal judge over the Gulf drilling moratorium
...defying a de facto injunction by a federal judge who threw out all of Obamacare
...the union thugs who have issued countless threats against Governor Walker
...Democrats running from votes to avoid the November election results

However, the president is willing to courageously speak out on:
...How our Egyptian ally should leave office and/or stay but work on "an orderly transition"
...Israel's construction of apartments in its capital city
...How awesome unions are for Wisconsin
...How awesome the economic recovery is
...How awesome all of the new green jobs he's saved or created are

Crystal clear.


Bones said...

If the artical in WND is correct
(Obama's mystery links
to Gadhafi uncovered) It eplains alot and is very disturbing

The_Bad said...

All politics and no leadership. Who could have imagined it would be this way?

Oh yeah - conservatives predicted this. Some might not have heard us making this prediction over the shouts of racism in our direction.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Ross, I wanted to pass on a story that I don't think that you have covered yet re the ATF/Justice Dept/State Dept conducting an undercover operation allowing some U.S gunshops to sell semi-auto "assault weapons" to Mexican cartel runners that were smuggled into Mexico. The goal of the operation was to bolster statistics for the false claim that the U.S domestic firearms market was fueling the violence in Mexico. There is a very strong possibility that the last U.S Border Patrol Officer killed was murdered with a weapon smuggled to the cartel by this ATF operation. Please check out the link and post if you feel worthy. Thanks RM (link Below)

Anonymous said...

Turns out charming his way into office, was a lot easier that charming his way through... Nicely done Mr. President!