Sunday, February 20, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The People versus the Unions #wiunion #solidaritywi

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The People versus the Unions: No Runny Eggs
Wisconsin Union Protest Mega Roundup: Uncoverage
Still Mad in Madison: JOM

Wisconsin -- What Is At Stake: Wolf Howling
GOP Uses ObamaCare Vote PR To Cover Budget Fail: Riehl
Tea Party Rallies in Wisconsin: Surber

Get Ready: SEIU Thugs Ready to Show in Wisconsin: Malkin
Highlights from Day Five of the Wisconsin Protests: NiceDeb
Wisconsin Update: with Herman Cain Video: RSM


The War on Taxpayers: Hayward
Unions want to overturn election result: McIlheran
Unions Starting to Cave in Wisconsin: RedState

Double-Dipping Educators Get Rich Off the Taxpayer: RWN
Whoa: Radical Union Hack Named to Key Trade Post: NoisyRoom
Union Thugs Go After Idaho Official’s Mother: AllAm

A slice of doom, with a tasty dessert of misery and failure: Ace
Roosevelt Comes Back to Haunt Obama: WZ
President Obama Wines, Dines the Titans of Tech: Gizmodo

Climate & Energy

Coal bill seeks to thwart EPA: Kentucky
House Votes to Defund IPCC: WUWT
Scientific American Proposes Socialism as a Means to Eliminate Murder: BSF


Photo gallery: What Big Labor protesters are teaching kids (language warning): Malkin
Media Hypocrisy: Why Aren't They Covering "Hate Speech" of Wisconsin Protests?: Lid
Liberals Provide Smears And Innuendo Over Wisconsin Doctors Notes Story: RWN

Has the Media whitewashed the latest Islamic Terrorist Attack on the US?: PunditPress
Newsweek's Evan Thomas: Obama's Budget a 'Profile in Cowardice': NewsBusters
Gery Chico Save A Life Foundation Connection: What Was His Role At Troubled Charity?: HuffPo

Keith Olbermann’s Question to the Wisconsin Public Unions: Driscoll
George Soros, the Left’s Dr. Evil, Weighs In On Obama and Glenn Beck: NewsReal
Liberal Wisconsin Newspaper Hammers Democrats: BlogProf

Barack Obama Time Travels from January to Scold Barack Obama of February for Lack of Civility: ConTeach
Ed Schultz Exposed for Exaggerating How Much Wisconsin Governor's Plan Costs Employees: NewsBusters
Phone Call With An Aldermanic Candidate: P&F


Great News: Team Obama in 'Secret Talks' with Taliban: JWF
Two U.S. Citizens Arrested; Accused Of Being Taliban Arms Dealers: GWP
Hillary Clinton: Israeli Settlements 'Illegitimate': ABC

Will the Hunger Strike in Venezuela Lead to Another Egypt?: Fausta
State Dept helps set up pro-Islam think tank…in France: Creeping
"Conservative" Dhimmitude: Zilla

Susan Rice's Illegitimate U.N. Folly: LegalIns
The Global Insurrection: Ledeen
Obama Finds a Place to Cut: Voice of America Broadcasts Into Red China: BrutHon


The Significance of Watson: Kurzweil
New York City hospital system admits to massive data breach: InfoSec
Microsoft Investigates Windows Zero-Day Vulnerability: eWeek Europe


Wax On --- Wax Off: iOTW
Construction begins on 1,000 mph supercar: BBC
Daily Scoreboard: Surber

Image: iOwnTheWorld
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Zilla said...

Thank you for including my post in your Linx today, Doug! As always, you've put together a terrific roundup with lots of great stuff that I might not have found today were it not for you.
You are the Billy Jack of the blogosphere. (Young & awesome movie Billy Jack, not the ravaged by age actor who played him)

A Conservative Teacher said...

Thanks for linking to my post Doug! I hope everyone gets a chuckle out of it and finds some humor in the very unfunny business of passing a budget.

BS Footprint said...

Another excellent Linx page today.

Thanks for adding my post to your Linx!

Keep up the good work.